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The Kenwood KDC24U In-Dash Vehicle Stereo is another of the gadgets that . enables one the ability to user interface a standard lorry in-dash stereo . gadget with an iPod or iPhone and to utilize the device and the lorry’s . speaker system to produce abundant, full-featured sound.The KDC24U is . Kenwood’s least costly in-dash vehicle stereo head system car stereo. . It provides one a wide range of functions, however it does not have features . such as Bluetooth compatibility. Further, it neither provides . High-Definition Radio compatibility nor Satellite Radio Compatibility. . And, if one wants to incorporate a Navigation system’s output through the . speaker system, one will need to utilize the “Aux” – 3.5 mm jack – output. . This is likewise a user interface for any MP3-compatible player device.Still, .

the KDC24U, while it has its restrictions, is still an outstanding unit . for one, who desires some very interesting features that are generally . consisted of in top-of-the-line equipment. While the state-of-the-art . equipment may use more functionality, the KDC24U provides features that . equal or exceed numerous systems in the locations of sound reproduction and . distortion. For instance, while one can use the KDC24U to drive a full 50 . watts of audio out of 4 channels, it typically runs at a rate of . 22 watts RMS (Root Mean Square or the point where audio might enter into . distortion if the system is pressed too hard). The KDC24U utilizes MOSFETs . for its internal amplifier, along with limiting circuits so that . distortion and ripple are kept to a minimum.One will likewise

find . this an advantage if one downloads a playlist of MP3 or WMA files to a . thumb drive. MP3 and WMA files are stored, compressed audio files. The . compression is done by compressing the upper varieties of the audio with . some low-end cutoff, also. The majority of the time, the low-end is merely . increase by the built-in bass pre-emphasis circuits, while the KDC24U . in fact brings back the high 18-20 kHz portion of the sound declare a . richer, fuller noise. Kenwood terms this its Supreme setting. To be . sure, the KDC24U is not the only aftermarket in-dash stereo control head . that does this as other, similar units – Leader enters your mind – have . comparable remediation circuitry developed into their microcircuitry. It is the . tonal quality, however, of this unit that will bring surprises.For .

example, while there are 3 separate equalization circuits . readily available, there are six possible mixes that a person can set. For . example, if one’s vehicle has a huge subwoofer or set of subwoofers in the . trunk, one can set among the equalizer for a set of 6 x 9 speakers in . one of 2 polarities. In other words, the equalizer also has actually crossover . ability built into it. This shows that Kenwood does know how to develop . versatility into their system.One must note that the Kenwood . has just 2, pre-emphasized outputs that use the exact same MOSFET circuity . as the KDC24U’s built-in amplifier and limiting. The MOSFET circuitry . includes only low-pass filtering which indicates that frequencies above a . particular cutoff point are tuned
out, while low frequency response is . enhanced. This enables the MOSFET microcircuitry to pump out a great deal of . bass signal.The KDC24U comes complete with an infrared remote .

control- an unusually high-end feature in a the reasonably priced arena .- that allows you total control over the radio, CD and iPod/iPhone. . With it, one can browse, evaluate play lists, although the blue display screen is . just 11 characters large, and scroll backward and forward on the iPod. If you . download the iPhone Pandora app, you need to have the ability to utilize your iPhone . to enable the Pandora sound service.The KDC24U will fit a .
standard radio dash cutout and comes with a set of surrounds, as well .
as installation hardware, including an electrical wiring loom. If one plans a . self-installation, be cautious to inspect the voltages on all of the wires . on your vehicle’s existing circuitry harness so you can match up the appropriate . voltages. If not, you may invest hours of work and absolutely nothing will occur .
because you have not mated the 14-volt input appropriately. Many installers, . though< img src="" alt="" border=" 0" / >, discover that Metra setup sets are also exceptional if they are .

having problems.The KDC24U likewise includes a detachable control . head that is an excellent anti-theft function due to the fact that the KDC24U will not be . functional without it. It is a thoughtful touch in a system that delivers . unexpected variety and quality at a price that will not clean your cost savings .