South Beach Diet Overview

South Beach Diet Plan The first stage emphasizes protein from high-quality meat sources with lots of fresh veggies and salads with genuine olive oil dressing. Bread, rice, pastas, potatoes, baked goods, soy milk and cheese, yogurt, beets, carrots, corn and all fruit are prohibited in the 14-day induction stage. This includes all candy, cake, ice […]

Do You Make These South Beach Diet Plan Mistakes?

South Beach Diet Plan Word count: 454Character width: 60Resource box: 5 lines ========================================================== Do You Make These South Beach Diet Mistakes? – by Neil Stelling B.Sc, MBA © DigiLectual Inc. All Rights Scheduled.========================================================== The South Beach Diet plan works, for many people. Its slim,low carb approach assists you reduce weight rapidly and easily.Health benefits are […]