Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger

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What do Madeleine Albright, Billy Graham, Dr. Atkins and 43% of the authors whose books you discover in your bookstores have in common?They all employed a ghostwriter to help them write their books.What’s a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is somebody who writes all or part of a book without getting credit for being the author. Depending upon the scenarios, the individual who is called as the author contributes anything from all the details, as in an autobiography, to practically none of it, as occasionally takes place with diet plan and workout books.Sometimes the ghostwriter’s name is on the cover or the title page in little letters. Sometimes she’s thanked in the recognitions area of the book. And sometimes her name isn’t mentioned at all.But she is the one who really takes the information that the author wants conveyed and turns it into a book.Why would you desire to hire a ghostwriter, instead of compose a book by yourself?Maybe you don’t have the time

to compose a book. Possibly you’re not quite Shakespeare when it pertains to composing. Or perhaps you’re more of an individuals person, and you don’t desire to spend your life alone in front of a laptop.Whatever the reason, working with a ghostwriter is a legitimate way to take what you know and turn it into a publishable manuscript. And in a lot of cases, you can really compose a book without raising a finger.How Do You Deal with A Ghostwriter? There are numerous of methods to have somebody compose a book for you. Here are a couple of: * Let the ghostwriter interview you for an hour a week over the phone up until she has sufficient details to complete

your book. Or meet personally for an enormous three-day interview and let the ghostwriter produce
the book from that. * Provide the author whatever product you already have, whether it be a manuscript, videos, tapes or CDs, and let him turn it into a book. He can interview you as required to fill in the blanks.
* Have your ghostwriter do library work along with interview your customers and other experts in your field. He can then include your remarks to produce your book.You can mix and match any of the above, or find another way to work together.What Does It Cost?The rate you spend for a ghostwriter depends upon a)what you desire them to do b )how much experience they have c)how much credit you intend on providing them and d)whether you are
using them a percentage of what you will make from the sale of each book.If you prepare to sell your
book to a traditional publisher like HarperCollins, Penguin, and so on, you need to send a sample of your work, called a book proposal, initially. A book proposal consists of a summary of your book, a sample chapter or 2, some marketing product and your bio.Most experienced ghostwriters will charge
between $3000 and $7500 to write one. And if the ghostwriter has composed a bestseller or more, she might charge as much as$15,000. Usually, the more you pay, the more confident you can be that you will get a top quality product. This is what you require if you wish to impress a publisher.

Not just that, but higher-priced authors will typically have connections to literary agents and editors that they will show you when your proposal is complete.If you are on a minimal spending plan, you can try to find an accomplished, however less experienced author who will charge as low as$500 to write a proposition. And you may even discover a talented amateur who will work for a portion of what the publisher ends up paying you.If you need a complete manuscript in order to release it yourself, the rate variety is even more extreme. Experienced ghostwriters generally charge in between$ 7500 and $75,000 to write a book. However again, a freelance author might charge you less, typically $3000 to$ 5000, in order to publish her first book. And I have actually had talented trainees use to compose entire books as a college internship, for as little as$500. Where To Discover Ghostwriters For more established ghostwriters, attempt: The American Society of Journalists and Authors– This is the country’s leading company of over a thousand independent nonfiction writers. They have an Author Recommendation Service at(212 )398-1934, fax(973) 257-1851, or mailto:writers@asja.org. They charge $75 to$150 to assist you find an author, depending upon how much they assist with your search.The Editorial Freelancers Association– They are a national, nonprofit, professional company of self-employed workers in the publishing and interactions markets. EFA has a job board where you can post your requirement for a ghostwriter at http://www.the-efa.org/forms/jobphoneform.html!.?.!The Authors Team http://www.AuthorsTeam.com-Has skilled authors who have blogged about every subject imaginable. Some have actually ghosted for bestselling authors, others have worked for the Wall Street Journal, Business Owner and the L. A. Times. To find out more, call 866-7-AUTHOR.

To find low-cost freelance writers, try http://www.writersmarket.com. A subscription costs $3 monthly. Search for magazines in your state, call the editors, and ask for recommendations.Or you can post a totally free ad in the ezine WritersWeekly.com.You can also look for writers on http://www.elance.com, http://www.moonlightmedia.com, and http://www.writerfind.com.If your
budget plan is much better matched to working with an university student, call the English or Creative Composing department of your local university. Ask the administrator to send an email to the students in her department about your need for a ghostwriter. You can also attempt students who write for their college newspapers
. There is an extensive website that notes most college newspapers at: http://newsdirectory.com/college/press/ With a little effort, you can discover a ghostwriter who will work within your spending plan. Make certain you inspect referrals, especially if you intend on having her
entered your home. Assembled a contract that consists of just how much you will pay, whether you will offer royalties, and how the ghostwriter

will be credited. Make sure you include a sentence that says that you will be the exclusive owner of the copyright for your work. It’s an excellent concept to have a lawyer check out your agreement before you sign it.For more details, checked out Write a Book Without Raising a Finger, available at http://www.writeabooktoday.com. For a complimentary ezine with tips on how to discover an agent, get published, release your own book and get promotion for it , go to http://www.AuthorsTeam.com.-Atkins Diet plan