Why Intermittent Fasting Burns Fat Faster And for Good


How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast. Intermittent fasting (or I.F.) is the most popular weight loss program today. How can you use it to drop a few pounds quickly and get the body of your dreams? Let’s answer the most important question here: is it possible for the human body to endure long hours of fasting on a daily basis?

Who created intermittent fasting? 1:15
Misconceptions about intermittent fasting 2:24
How can you split your day or week into an eating period and a fasting period? 3:31
What can you achieve with intermittent fasting? 6:39
Other health benefits besides getting the perfect body 7:09
Who shouldn’t try this eating pattern 7:43
How to make it more effective 8:10


-It was popularized by the American writer Upton Sinclair in the 1900s. Sinclair practiced juice cleansing and fasting at the same time.
-Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan but an eating pattern. With I.F., you don’t starve but still have to eat and drink, but it should be time-restricted. It’s not dangerous for you because it doesn’t leave you with no food at all for long periods of time.
-You can try out one of the patterns: the 16:8 pattern, the 5:2 pattern, “Eat Stop Eat", Alternate day fasting, and The Warrior Diet.
-Over the course of time, your body will eventually overcome the side effects. In the fasting period, your body will get the energy from burning fat. The longer you fast, the more fat is burned in the process.
-It can prevent type 2 diabetes and promote insulin resistance. It is good for the heart. It may prevent cancer. It improves brain function.
-Children and teens, people with diabetes, low blood pressure, underweight, pregnant, breastfeeding, or people trying to conceive should consult a doctor before trying it out.
-You should also remember that you can’t lose weight through intermittent fasting alone. It is also safe to exercise while fasting , but it takes time to adjust to it. Sacrifices must be made: saying goodbye to your favorite greasy foods or not eating from time to time.

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