What Is A Healthy Diet?

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What is a healthy diet!.?. !? It’s not about counting calories, measuring parts or cutting carbohydrates. You will not truly find a healthy diet plan on the lite menu at your favorite restaurant and you certainly won’t find it at the local fast food joint. A healthy diet plan is everything about what you consume instead of how much you eat.If you think the newest fad diet is your remedy to health, you remain in for a huge surprise. Losing weight, staying healthy and returning into shape after many years of diet plan neglect is not about fads or consuming in some extreme brand-new way for six to twelve weeks and after that going back to the method you used to eat.The best thing you can do to keep yourself healthy is to consume a healthy diet … all the time, not simply when you wish to slim down. Eating healthy is a long-term lifestyle option, something you need to do for your entire lifetime.But what is a healthy diet plan? Is it what we have been lead to think– milk for strong bones and teeth, protein in the kind of lean beef or chicken and maybe a” healthy” microwave dinner if we are “on the go. “Unfortunately this diet is what is identified as the Basic American Diet Plan or the SAD.And what’s so incorrect with the SAD?Well, has it made us a healthier individuals? Are we

much better off as a nation because of it?With all of the health research studies, advanced healthcare, the war on cancer going back to the 70’s, and the most sophisticated innovation readily available in the world we have to ask ourselves why do we still require to invest$ 1.3 trillion a year on healthcare in the United States. Why aren’t we getting any healthier?Other relevant concerns about your health ask for responses such as, why after more than 30 years because the”War On Cancer”was stated, do we still have an increasing cancer rate. Yes, we have a lot more people survivin g cancer but the rate at which people are getting cancer is increasing. We have come a long method in taking care of sick individuals, however we haven’t made any development as a nation in preventing those individuals from getting sick.Why do more than 15 million individuals in the United States have diabetes? Why do we still have more heart issues today than we did 30 years ago? Why is more than 50 %of our population on some kind of prescription drug?We spend more per individual on medical care than any other nation on the planet. Why is this happening in a country that appears to be able to fix nearly any technological problem? Why can’t we solve our medical issues? How would life be different for us

if we were to be a nation of healthy individuals?The secret to a healthy diet and a healthy life is living food– fresh vegetables, fruit, juices and green leafy salads. The answer to a healthier you is summarized in three words, breakfast, lunch and dinner.Living a healthy life and having a healthy family is everything about eating a healthy diet, every day of our lives!-Dash Diet