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In September, 2004, pharmaceutical giant Merck willingly withdrew its painkilling medication Vioxx from the market. Research studies reveal that Vioxx increases the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke amongst patients who have utilized the drug for longer than 18 months. Vioxx, a drug from a household of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs called COX-2 inhibitors, is among just a couple of drugs particularly developed to decrease swelling while avoiding the stomach conditions long related to other anti-inflammatory medications. Because its intro in 1999, Vioxx has been a huge success, and sales of the drug worldwide topped $2.5 billion in 2003. That is certainly an excellent offer of money, but it pales when compared to the amount that Merck stands to lose through item liability suits, which will soon come to court. As of this writing, several thousand lawsuits have actually been submitted nationally, however attorneys estimate that the total variety of claims filed might reach an incredible 100,000.

One hundred thousand suits is certainly a powerful number, however that figure could represent just half of the number of claims related to COX-2 inhibitors. Earlier this year, Pfizer willingly withdrew its comparable medication Bextra from the marketplace, as research studies connected using Bextra to increased cardiovascular disease threat and to an uncommon skin disorder referred to as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Bextra, another drug in the family of COX-2 inhibitors, works very similarly to Vioxx, and many patients who formerly took Vioxx switched to Bextra after the former was eliminated from the marketplace last fall. Considered that sales of Bextra rose to near Vioxx levels prior to it was removed from the marketplace, it appears most likely that the number of suits submitted by clients who declare to have actually been damaged by their usage of Bextra might ultimately equate to the number of Vioxx suits.

Two hundred thousand is an incredible variety of claims, and unless they are consolidated into simply a few class-action fits, they might keep our courts dealing with little else for the next years. Patients who think that they may have been hurt through making use of either Bextra or Vioxx would be well recommended to contact a lawyer who specializes in pharmaceutical lawsuits now. The wait for a resolution in court, especially for Vioxx suitsFind Article< img src =""alt=" Discover Post "border= "0 "/ >, could be a really long one. Those who file rapidly might get the fastest outcomes.