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What is audio transcription and how is it various from copy typing? Why does transcription expense more than copy typing? Is transcription pricey? Do you require transcription?Many individuals are confused regarding why transcription (audio typing )obviously costs more than copy typing, as both are typing services. This short article intends to discuss the distinctions in between the two services and what comprises the costs for a transcription service. Firstly let’s take copy typing. This normally describes the typing of

composed ‘copy’– this might be a formerly typed file (possibly typed on a typewriter and requiring to be input into a Word Processor )or a hand-written document. The expense will vary depending on the ease of readability but with basic copy typing there is no modifying or analysis required; the typist merely types what is written in front of them. The cost of the typing services will differ according to how challenging the writing is to figure out– it will be fairly cheaper if the original document is very clear handwriting or type-written. Transcription, on the other hand, has no copy for the typist to

take a look at, just an audio recording, which may be an audio tape, video, DVD or audio digital recording. This brings with it a variety of problems that copy typing does not have: is the speech clear; is the content comprehensible (e.g. highly technical content might be complete of words the transcriptionist is not acquainted with); is the tape-recording quality excellent( e.g. exists any background hiss on the tape or background sound from the surroundings the tape was recorded in); do you need verbatim transcription (word for word with all ‘ums and ers’, speech patterns and fillers such as ‘you understand’< img src="" alt=" Health Physical fitness Articles" border=" 0Health Fitness Articles“/ >, ‘understand what I imply ‘ or ‘sort of ‘ repeated frequently through the recording; do you want the transcript modified to improve the grammar and sentence structure?

Clearly transcription is a lot more involved than copy typing. Another thing to remember is that an hour of recording is not equivalent to an hour of transcription time. .