Keto Diet Plan Strategy

I know the girls always like to find out about food, meal, specifically bodybuilding diet strategy, however for all of you men out there that believe eating a salad makes you less of a man … Well, you haven’t attempted my ultimate “salad on roids” yet!

Remember that this salad is not low in calories. It’s not low in fat. It’s not low in carbs.

And think what … that’s the entire point! It’s not low in anything, however it sure as hell is HIGH in everything under the sun that’s excellent for your body … almost every vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and phytonutrient in the world! Which means your body will receive all the nutrition it requires to keep optimum hormone balance, function at it’s greatest capacity, keep your hunger pleased for hours, and prevent any undesirable cravings.

Keep in mind that last point … when you fill your body with all of the nutrients it requires every day, you pretty much absolutely remove yearnings! This takes place because your body is pleased and doesn’t require to crave any more food, due to the fact that it has all of the nutrients it requires.

I’ve experienced this myself. Years earlier, I used to crave sugary foods ALL THE TIME. And now that I consume the balanced diet that I do these days, I can’t state that I’ve had a craving in at least 5 years! No joke.

Alright, here’s the unique muscle meal strategy recipe:

The Ultimate Muscle Salad

approx 1-2 cups spinach leaves

approx 1-2 cups combined leaf lettuce

shredded carrots

1/2 of a ripe avocado, diced

2 difficult boiled eggs, diced (preferrably organic, cage totally free)

3 Tbsp sliced pecans

1/4 cup dried cranberries

top with homemade dressing made of balsamic vinegar, additional virgin olive oil, and Udo’s Option Oil Blend (3/4 of total liquid need to originate from the vinegar)

Mix everything together and you’ve got one scrumptious and extremely healthy salad. For an additional shot of antioxidants, wash all of it down with some homemade iced green/white/oolong tea gently sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia or a little touch of raw honey.

Alright, now let’s take a look at the approx macronutrient breakdown:

Prot: 23 g., Carbs: 48 g., Fiber: 12 g., Fat: 45 g., Calories: 650

Now before you toss your arms up in disgust and call me insane for advising such a high fat, high calorie meal, bear in mind to downsize the part sizes for your own calorie goal. The portions above are simply the portions that I utilize considering that my upkeep calorie consumption is around 3000 calories/day. If your maintenance is 2000 calories/day, then downsize the parts accordingly.

Likewise, I do not care about the high fat material of this meal … because every last gram of the fat in this meal is EXTREMELY healthy … from the pecans, the olive oil, the Udo’s oil, the fresh avocado … and yes, even the fat from the eggs is good for you!

How about the carbs? Well, out of a total of 48 grams, you’ve got 12 grams of fiber. That’s a quite excellent ratio. Also, the healthy fats and protein in this meal will decrease the carb food digestion, providing you a healthy glycemic action and constant controlled blood sugar.

Alright, so you’re most likely also questioning why there isn’t a bigger amount of protein. After all, protein is all the rage with bodybuilders, right. Well, in fact 23 grams isn’t too shoddy, particularly thinking about 14 grams of that comes from the highly bioavailable protein from the hard boiled eggs. Also consider that this meal has a whole lot of healthy fats, which increases the usage of your protein. This happens because your body does not require to use your protein for energy, and can instead utilize it for muscle structure or maintenance, and all of the other different functions that amino acids are required for in the body.

Total, with this bodybuilding diet meal strategy, you have actually got a great mix of healthy fats, good fibrous carbs, quality protein, and a big variety of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidantsFeature Articles< img src ="" alt ="Function Articles"border=" 0 "/ >, and other trace nutrients.