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The Gregg Diet plan- It’s the Rub checks out a diet plan inspired . by a Physicians’ comment to “loose weight “. It might not work for everyone, however in . the case of this author 45 pounds have been lost. My weight has supported as . more fat is burned and more muscle developed and I am continuing to loose weight.Every three months

my Doctor requires his adult clients to . have a blood test and he looks for regular issues and trends. 5 months . back at my go to I tipped the scale at 246 pounds. My Medical professional said to me: “You . need to loose weight!” He
is lean and trim so I asked, “How do you keep . yourself so cut?” He stated:” I skip breakfast, skip lunch and have a steak and . a martini every night for dinner “.
It got me believing. My clothes did not fit. I could not wear my preferred t-shirts.

. I looked awful in pictures. The worst thing was that I remained in a slow but . sure spiral of weight gain that totaled up to about 80 pounds since my days in . college. The choice was clear: either keep gaining weight or do something about . it to reverse the trend. I am an individual with a slow metabolic process and a big hunger.


. a child I was heavy. In High School and College/Law School due to the fact that of heavy . workout I was trim for about 15 years. After I put on weight, the
only 2 . diet plans that seemed to work were the Drinking Man’s Diet plan and the Dr. Atkins diet. . There were two problems with these diets. My Doctor stated they were unhealthy . and when I differed them, the weight simply returned on plus more weight . like a cherry on the top of a chocolate Sunday. I found a method to consume as much as I desire, not be starving


loose . weight, gain muscle that I call The Gregg Diet plan.
The plan is very basic. Here . are the seven rules: 1 )Avoid . one meal per
day. 2) Consume . as little fat

as possible 3)
Exercise .

for at least 45 minutes each day 4) No .
alcohol permitted 5 )Do . not cheat on

the above four guidelines more than one day

per week 6) Weight . yourself every day at around the same time of day 7) Stick .
to it on a permanent basis . . . In the

Gregg Diet plan you do not count calories. Consume as lots of .
vegetables and as much fish as you want, plus some fruit like bananas, peaches, . blueberries, and so on. Drink as much water and sugar free liquids as you can.
Here . are some of the tricks I have discovered plus my secret rub. The rub makes all fish taste better. You can fry it in . canola oil, or broil it after

you put a little olive oil on the fish then the .
rub. Plus you can put half a teaspoon in a cup of chicken or vegetable broth, .
put this in the microwave for 3 minutes and it fills you up like a real meal.
The Rub Recipe:( quantities are approximate and subject to your .

own tastes) 5% garlic salt 5 %smoked salt 5 %cumin seed 5 %fennel seed 10 %paprika 15
% hot pepper flakes 55

% chili powder

– mix several ranges to make it .

intriguing Salad technique: for the dressing

use no oil, balsamic vinegar

. and add a can of anchovies if you like them
. Snack technique


consume shredded mini-wheat cereal with extra . artificial sweetener and add some cinnamon and/or clove powder on the

top. No

. milk. Ahi Tuna technique: cover with rub and fry in
smoking hot canola . oil for one minute per side per inch thick( i.e. 2 minutes per side if fish . is two

inches thick). Remove from heat immediately. Drink trick: Diet Snapple with
additional artificial sweetener My medical professional could not believe it. After the nurse weighted me, .
he took me back to the scale to confirm the weight reduction. The finest part is I am . continuing to loose weight< img src=" "alt= "Computer Technology Articles" border=" 0"/ >, my high blood pressure is down and the stats on my . cholesterol are the very best ever. The bottom line: The Gregg Diet works. The Rub is a . fantastic way to enliven your lifeComputer Technology Articles. You can consume hearty and rich and loose .
weight at the exact same time.

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