Plant Based Diet

The . same as other pharmaceutical production enterprise, plant extract enterprise . also exist the amount, small scale, low benefit, single item, low threat . resistance capacity and other issue. In addition, the item quality is not . merged, lack of unified reliable control. Invest lo expense in the research study and . development, plant extracts and preparation innovation is backward. In the use . of plant extract made from plant medication, China likewise in a fairly backward . position .
China’s . traditional Chinese medication items belong to plant medication idea of . items is very little, such as ginkgo biloba preparation, etc. Chinese plant . medication in the worldwide market share is not high, far less than the United States, Germany, . Japan, Korea and other . countries. As the tide of plant medication rise it doesn’t imply that the . chance of Chinese conventional medicine go to the world medicine market . comes, on the contrary, China’s conventional Chinese medicine industry will face . the more violent influence on “the Chinese standard medicine from foreign . nation “.
China . plant medicine development need to strengthen in the following elements:1. Perfect scale commercial policy. In China, . plant extract is pharmaceutical basic materials, compared to . chemical apis, the extract medicine is absence of matching laws and . policies and policy on market constraint and regulate. Required to manage product . registration system and standard system to enhance the extract industry . admittance limit.2.

Prepare a sustainable advancement . method. In the last few years, the phenomenon of the foreign enterprises in . affordable acquisition of Chinese natural medicine resources and extract medication significantly . intense, the sustainable utilization of Marine resources has ended up being an . significantly essential concern, due to the fact that of predatory development master medicinal . materials and extract or crude item, now wild ephedra, licorice has rarely. . For that reason, while in the exploitation and usage of alternative medicine . resources, pay more attention to the species resources, particularly ought to pay . attention to the defense of unusual and endangered types, achieve . reasonable recovery, production breeding, the establishment of reserves, and . making use of modern technology preservation and advancement of high quality . resources, carrying out the development and security concurrently.3.

Strengthening basic research and . clinical research study, particularly the medical research study after the items go into . the market. At present, compare to worldwide plant medicine, Chinese . medication lack of composition, pharmacology and medical research study product, it . impacts on the worldwide China . plant medicine recognition, disrupt the Chinese plant medication to go . into the international.4.

Increase brand-new innovations, including the . application of extraction and preparation innovation in plant medication . development. At present Chinese extract extraction innovation is relatively . backward in general, the dosage kind is also the conventional dose form. More . research study needs to be focused on the modern-day preparation and the combination of . traditional Chinese medication, so that it can play a much better drug impact and . reduce the negative effects.5.

Accelerate the speed of plant medication . research study and development. Enhance the Promotion and the authentication of SPACE, . GMP, GCP, GLP and so on, extensive upgrade traditional of the medication . industry of plants “hardware” level.Extract is a brand-new product form in the . global natural medication health care items on the market, is the . modern-day plant medicine carrier of sophisticated innovation, this type of products are . production in accordance with the SPACE, GMP requirements, at the exact same time, . advanced the innovation and quality detection technology. Promote market . production and management standardization: the industrialization Chinese . medicine extract remains in accordance with the requirements GAP, GMP, GSP . conditions (development links associated with GLP, GCP), in the production and . operation procedure must develop and execute a series of technical standards . and specifications in order to make sure and improve the quality of items, . standardize trade management order, has an important significance to additional .
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