Spring of Chinese plant extracts industry

Plant Based Diet

The plant extract is a active ingredient stemmed from natural plant extract. Plant extracts are the primary materials of natural preparations and can be used in dietary supplements, natural food, cosmetics and other markets. It is the core item in natural medical health products market.The leading selling plant extracts for brain/ puzzle/ dementia on the global market are: rhodiola, morinda, ginkgo, ginseng, centella asiatica, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and ganoderma lucidum fungis, mushrooms, grifola frondosa extract. Selling weight-loss,/ hypoglycemic and the prevention and treatment of diabetes extract:5-HTP, citrus aurantium, green tea extract, apple, panama wood extract, bitter melon peptides, chitosan(glucosamine), gymnema sylvestre, coleus, fenugreek and tamarind fruit therefore on.The primary selling natural anti-cancer/ health care products improve the body immune system: paclitaxel, green tea extract; bio-flavonoids; plant extracts enhance the human body immune system, alfalfa extract, licorice extract, Echinacea, garlic powder, astragalus, ginger oil, soybean, mushroom extracts, therefore on.China expands

the market share of plant extracts and it should aim to enhance product quality and broaden its impact to improve the global competitiveness: quality problems are the biggest obstacle of the internationalization of Chinese medication. Extract market in China should speed up the process of standardization of Chinese medicine, strictly control the production and development of the quality of plant extracts should gain from the success of the GMP and GSP, GLP, GCP, SPACE experience, construct on GEP with standardized extract production, institutionalised to promote its quality standardization, in order to get acknowledged by more nations and market bodies to more broaden the market.Chinese pharmaceutical basic materials providers should have their functions in the item design. They should not have the internal vicious competitors. Strengthen collaborate on jobs with large global business: only carrying out cooperation projects can accomplish long-term stability and typical development. Rational usage of natural medicine resources and attention to sustainable development are needed. A lot of herbal medication resources’ regenerative capacity is not strong. Although China is an ask resource country in herbal medication, it must be sparingly mining. China needs to also emphasis on types resources, particularly to the uncommon and endangered species protection, so that it can have an affordable harvest with production and reproduction.Source: http://www.cospcn.com-Plant Based Diet Plan