Plant Based Diet

Although they are trace . compounds, however playing a considerable impact. Nevertheless, if they are incorrect used, . the outcome is opposite, proper usage development regulators is the guarantee of complete . playing its functions.

Various . species, varieties have different sensitivities to plant growth regulators, . which should be the bases to pick various plant development regulator and usage . concentration. For example: Apricot was not delicate on paclobutrazol, the
. dosage needs to be increased. Development regulators work in plant growth and development, . make certain to use in the appropriate time, too early or far too late can not attain the . preferred effect. For example: naphthalene acetic acid utilized in young fruit duration
. was playing the thinning impact, while used before choosing fruit can avoid . preharvest fruit dropping. Applications need to remain in the appropriate duration, . making sure to use the time, normally better to use prior to 10:00 in warm windless day, the drizzling .

day needs tonot utilize. Plant growth regulator with strong activity, it ought to be chose the appropriate . concentration while used, concentration too low or too expensive will have the . opposite impact. For instance: 24-D at low concentrations can promote the growth, . parthenocarpy, in high concentrations can eliminate the plant. Likewise it should pick . a suitable dose kind, usually the sprayed utilizing liquid, soil utilizing powder. According . to the pathway of plant growth regulator getting in into plant to pick utilizing technique, . for example: paclobutrazol soaked up through the roots, can be used into the . soil, daminozide in the soil is stable, have long residual life, quickly get in . from the leaf, can be used spray pattern. According to the genuine issue decide . the treatment website. For instance: use 24-D anti-shattering, it is needed to . coat the drug on flowers to hinder the development of abscission layer, if use . 24-D treating leaves then will trigger damage. Another example is utilizing naphthalene . acetic acid or ethephon stimulate pineapple blooming, can be poured liquid . into the tubular leaf to straight promote inflorescence differentiation, . instead of soil watering or spraying.

According . to the plant reactions decide the utilized number, usually one time, however if the . outcome is bad, it is required to repeat using, really conscious the response . can be utilized sometimes with a small amount. For instance: with daminozide . control apple saplings thriving and flower is needed to use 2-3 times once . every 10 days. The dosages need to be managed, such as liquid spray as damp for . the degree. Make a range of representatives used in combination. Often the . production need to resolve a number of issues at the same time, can be utilized in . conjunction. To those can not react each others drugs can be combined, to play the . benefits and avoid weaknesses. For instance: in order to early the pear supply . duration, while usage the ethylene ripening, in order to avoid dropping, can be . mixed with the naphthalene acetic acid. However, some agents, such as . daminozide must not be mixed with other alkaline agents, or will impact the .

Numerous . plant development regulators themselves are not extremely steady, such as indole acetic . see light decay, ethychlozate loose effect when fulfill alkali and acids, . naphthylacetate have volatility, must be effectively saved according to their physical . and chemical homes, or will reduce the efficacy. Note that numerous . farming technologies match each other. Growth regulators are just . worked in one part of plant development and development, not an alternative to . fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural steps, to make agricultural . production application get the desired results, make certain to fulfill other . farming technical measures. For example: with
naphthalene acetic acid, IAA treated cuttings to promote rooting, it needs to keep certain . humidity and temperature level within the seedbed, otherwise rooting is challenging . ensured. In brief, the application of development regulators should be .” positive and prudent”, take numerous elements into accountFree Web Content< img src =" "alt=" Free Web Material" border= " 0"/ >, in order .

to achieve the objectives.

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