Plant extracts market enter transformation period

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Driven by these markets, plant extracts will preserve a good development . pattern.
While China was . acknowledged as a main player in the organic food industry in the world, in next . 5 years, China will . become the largest market immediately after the United States healthcare items . market, in the foreseeable future, Chinese market will have an annual . increase of 20% to 30% development, in 2020 will reach $ 6.59 billion.However, although in recent years the plant . extract industry in China . has made significant progress, however due to the fact that of the low initial entry barrier . and basic, at present, business are still the occurrence of the . small, low item innovation ability, the capability to open the . worldwide market is weak and other problems.
How to do well in conventional . market, ensure product quality while opening new markets
, utilize the market . diversification to promote the sustainable development is the secret of companies . significantly growing and establishing need to think.In 2012 ,
the consentaneous choice of the .” Natural Extracts Area” as

a major highlight of the 12th CPHI around the world . China exhibition, strong . attack at the Shanghai . New International .
Exposition Center .
again. In 2012 the natural extracts Area was expanded to the entire E3 . Pavilion, united almost 300 globally popular business in . the industry. Numerous famous extract providers were providing, showcasing the . animal and plant extracts, organic teas, medical plants, conventional pharmaceutical raw products, functional food,health items
and cosmetics
raw . materials and other items. Unlike in the past, lots of enterprises is not only . concerned the location as platform to show the items, even standing higher than . the previous point, usage lofty ideas, innovative innovation and tactical vision . to look at this natural extract banquet seriously, in order
to more expand their . own brand name and open new ways to market.As the natural plant extract provider take the objective of producing”

green and . healthy” raw materials, lots of companies have the spirit of “health .
career, people-oriented” lofty principle in their professions. Some suppliers . vision is devotion to make the field of global health routine China popular .
brand name; others providers intend to provide our consumers with natural, .
high-quality, safe blue ocean item; while many other suppliers ‘advancement . objectives are do the” natural market leader, accomplish in health and future .
thinkers”. I believe Chinese plant extract industry promoted by those much better .
visions will toward a more vigorous and healthy direction to develop!At present, Chinese biggest plant extracts . exporter is United States, practically . accounting for 30.06 %of the country’s total export volume, followed by is Europe, .
which represent 21.82 %, once again is Japan, representing 16.86%. The . plant extracts advantage is low cost of plant operations, rich plant extracts resources .
. In the last few years< img src ="" alt=" Free Web Content" border =" 0"/ >, the trend of international population aging and the needs for plant . extracts will offer much better opportunities for plant extracts developing.Source: -Plant Based Diet