Plant extracts analysis of international market

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Market of plant extracts is an establishing market and has massive development capacity, in 2005 the worldwide market size of plant extracts at around 33 billion dollars, main plant extract suppliers are from India, and Brazil and China, United States, Asia, Europe is the world’s third-largest market of plant extracts. According to United Nations approximates, annual industry growth rates in between 10 ~ 20%.

Plant extracts export rates have been volatile, rates revealed an upward trend in the early 1990s, the down trend from 1996 later on, from 1996 $ 20/kg down to 11.26/ kg in 2003, a 40% reduction, from 2004 onwards, the price was stable and quick rises, from $ 11.26/ kg in 2003 rose to $ 19.12/ kg in 2005, a boost of 68%, mostly restored to the 1996 rate level, particularly in the Asian market recovery in rates much faster, generally due to the quick increasing demand of the international market for alternative medicines, another factor, China plant to commercial development for several years, as the international market to raise the threshold, their competitive capability is also rising.North American plant extracts more than 90 percent of the market depends upon the United States, and the United States is the world’s biggest organic market. According to data, each year in the United States to invest$6 billion for nutrition and organic food, and this market is the increasing rate of nearly 20 %each year. About 5%of clients taking natural medicines, of which 80% of individuals taking conventional Chinese medication in the treatment process. Plant extracts presently sold in the U.S. market may be divided into 2 classifications: one is a standard extract usually draw out such a clear and consistent quality standard system molecular biology research study such as Ginkgo biloba extract(24%ginkgo flavonoids and 6 %ginkgolide); other crude plant extract, such extracts are frequently only extraction ratio without a clear typical requirements, such as Equisetum extracts. Plant extracts represented more than 95%of the U.S. market for organic medicines, raw herbs and other items represent less than 5%. In the last three years, Chinese exports to the U.S. plant extract 20-30%of the total export volume. The greater need for ranges of Ginkgo biloba, Hypericum lotus Alice, soybeans, ginseng, and so on. Asian plant extracts market mainly Japan, South Korea and China, the current size of the marketplace for

about $3 billion, China represented 15 %. Japan and South Korea are China’s significant exporting nations of the plant extract. Japan, South Korea, the source of plant extracts from standard Chinese medication, the last century 70’s, Japan, South Korea vigorously establish Kampo and Korean medication, Kampo and Korean medication from Chinese medication. Japan current pharmaceutical business more than about 200. Japan Kampo formulations have more than 20,000 sort of varieties. The bulk of the pharmaceutical business in Japan passed the GMP. The size of the Korean pharmaceutical ranked 10 in the world, the 80 pharmaceutical business, accounting for 22.2% of the total variety of Chinese and Western pharmaceutical business. In industrialized countries, on the other hand, the production lines are slowly moving to Asia, to promote the development of the Asian plant extracts market. Europe more prevalent as the raw material of natural products, plant extracts, is currently the world’s largest herbal medicine market

, representing 45%of the worldwide herbal medicine market, the marketplace size of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in 2005. Europe is the world’s biggest cosmetics and organic food market and production research and development center. Because 1995, the European plant extract was relatively large market growth, the majority of countries in more than 10%yearly development rate, individual countries and even as high as 16%( such as the UK, the Netherlands). Fastest growing herbal plant extracts into 3 categories: First, the function of preventive pharmaceutical basic materials, such as garlic, ginseng; medical institutions recognized the old products, such as the treatment of sleeping disorders and neurological items; Third, is the discovery of a brand-new treatment the role of the old items, such as evening primrose oil and ginkgo preparations. European federal governments and the scholastic community have a positive attitude on the plant extracts to enhance the research study of medicinal plants and traditional medicine, organic ginkgo has been widely welcomed.-Plant Based Diet Plan