Plant development regulators and watermelon production

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Plant growth regulatorsare those synthetic products which have similar physical and biological effects with plant hormonal agents, primarily including auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, vinyl and brassinolide, etc.Plant . development regulator in the growth and development of watermelon are used in the . following elements: the nursery stage using gibberellic acid (gibberelin class) . as an initiator to improve the germination rate and germination energy( germinating . harmony) of watermelon seed; while the temperature level or humidity is not the . time utilizing development inhibitors to prevent” high seedlings “occurring, prevent . leggy seedlings; if the seeds with excellent quality and ecological conditions . appropriate so that it can entirely no requirement the development regulators. After watermelon . transplanting to the field the plant growth regulator which promote watermelon . fruit is the most extensively utilized, mainly the cytokinin substances;
presently the . most widely utilized in the production is Forchlorfenuron, it comes from a . synthetic cytokinin compound, the chemical name is 1- (2 -chloro-4- pyridyl
) . -3 -phenyl urea, also called forchlorfenuron, CPPU, KT-30 and so on.
Watermelon . is a type of common cross-pollinated crop, prior to fructify it should be .
pollinated. In the early spring growing, some locations are since of more .
rainy days, low temperature, inadequate light, watermelon plants male flowers .
open less, pollen viability is low, synthetic pollination exist pollination . tough, not fructify and other exceptional problems, so that use the growth . regulator including CPPU and other compounds to treat, have the benefits of
. low expense, high fructify, and for that reason have some level applying on watermelon .
production.CPPU . can successfully promote watermelon fructify, there have actually been numerous documents .
reported the

application of CPPU on watermelon’s growth and development. CPPU . is commonly accepted that can cause the parthenocarpic of watermelon, improve watermelon’s .
fulfillment rate and promote watermelon fruit expanding, therefore, CPPU also .
commonly referred fructify drug.Currently, . all nations in the world were performed the pesticide registration system,

just the registered pesticides permitted appearing in the market and usage.
In the . pesticide registration process, the government department rigorous evaluation the . ecological security of pharmacon, get signed up representatives are shown safe for
. the environment and human health. The United States in September 2004 .
approved forchlorfenuron( the trade name CPPU, KT-30) as a new plant growth regulator utilized . on the grapes and kiwi. The United . States think CPPU is a cytokinin, can . promote fruit increasing the size of, enhance fulfillment rate, boost production, extended the . storage time of grapes and kiwi, not impacting the variety of fruit and keep
. fruit quality.In Japan, CPPU is a . chemical extensively used in agriculture, to improve the yield

and quality of kiwi, .
grapes, pears and others, likewise used to enhance the fulfillment rate of watermelon, . melon and pumpkin.Japanese . recommended optimum residue limitations (MRL )for pesticides CPPU value is 0.1 mg/kg

, .
Australia, Israel, USA, New Zealand and other countries needed the MRL of .
CPPU is 0.01 mg/kg, the European Union, Switzerland, South Korea and so on .
required the pesticide residue standards of CPPU is 0.05 mg/kg.
China required . the MRL of watermelon CPPU is 0.1 mg/kg.
About the . residue analysis of CPPU used in watermelon, researchers performed a . organized research study, the outcomes reveal that Forchlorfenuron dissipated in . watermelon is fairly quick, the half-life is 1.2-1 .67 d; when the watermelon . harvest (after using the drug 40d), there is not Forchlorfenuron
residue discovered . in watermelon fruit; soil likewise not detected out Forchlorfenuron residues, . results strongly show that use in the recommended dosage< img src="" alt =" Science Articles" border=" 0"/ >, CPPU use in . watermelon is safe.Source: Plant Based Diet