Mediterranean Diet

The . standard diet plan is one that is rich with regional foods such as vegetables, . fruits, nuts, beans, olive oil and fish. Carbohydrates are perfectly . discovered in the form of entire grain breads and pasta. Meats and dairy . items are taken in seldom and are restricted.

. Pizza has actually been found to be a staple food for a lot of the individuals in the . region and is often the primary course used along with a healthy salad. . Pizza night in itself has come to be enjoyed by people all over the . world. What much better way might there be to take pleasure in pizza night than the . Mediterranean diet plan way, homemade, abundant in taste and nutrients and . enjoyed with friends and family.

. Start with whole wheat pizza dough, I cheat and buy mine in the . pastry shop department of my local extremely market, or you can be genuine . ambitious and make your own.

. Flour your work surface area and after that roll the dough out thin to your . taste; I start by punching the dough into the basic pizza shape and . surface by rolling out thin.

. Position your crust on a pizza pan and spray and brush both sides of . your pizza gently with olive oil and location in pre-heated 450 degree . oven for 2-4 minutes and remove. Now you are prepared for some true pizza .
fun. . For Greek pizza, gently spread out ricotta cheese, top with chopped tomato . pieces, sliced up black olives and spinach. Sprinkle gently with shredded . mozzarella, and feta cheese for a delightful and nutrient rich white . pizza. Bake at 475 degrees for approximately 20 minutes (watch for . crust and cheese browning). For an Italian twistBusiness Management Articles< img src ="" alt=" Organization Management Articles" border= "0"/ >, change ricotta .
cheese and spinach with a light marinara sauce with mushrooms and add . garlic to taste. Sprinkle shredded mozzarella and chopped black olives.

. Add anchovies to either pizza for excellent flavor and additional nutrients.

. For a real pizza night experience you can present 8 inch individual size . pizzas and have visitors experiment with a variety of various . components and garnishes as they create their own distinct pizzas to . share amongst the group. .