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The Leader’s AVH-P4300DVD is an all-in-one replacement for a . full-featured factory-installed seven-inch touchscreen display radio at a . much more reasonable expense. Undoubtedly, the AVH-P4300DVD provides the very same, if . not more functionality than lots of factory-installed systems that a person can .

buy.For example, the AVH-P4300DVD offers not just a delicate . radio receiver, but also a high-resolution WQVGA 480 by 240 display . through which one can access all installed features of the AVH-P4300DVD. . That resolution is exactly the exact same as one will discover in Honda or Toyota . in-dash screen systems. The AVH-P4300DVD provides more. For example, . there is an output in the back that will let one interface rear-seat . screens and headphones with the dash-mounted control head so that one . can play DVDs or CDs on the rear screens, while, at the same time, one . is listening to iPod or iPhone/Pandora content in the front seat. It is a . true multitasking radio thanks to microprocessor circuitry that offers . the AVH-P4300DVD some intelligence.The iPod/iPhone

interface is . built into the radio’s USB interface software application. When one insert the . Panasonic iPod adapter cable television into the incorporated USB port, the radio . enables one total access to
one’s iPod on a multi-line screen that . allows one to scroll forward, backward or search through a playlist for . the audio content one would like and one can then set it to run the . picked material. Pandora-ready, the only item one should add to one’s . iPhone is the Pandora app and the AVH-P4300DVD will access to popular . Internet sound service. Interestingly, if one is utilizing that function on . the main display screen, just touching an icon on the built-in AVH-P4300DVD’s . display will allow one to access such functions as Bluetooth, hands-free . dialing and telephoning with the proper add-on installed. The same holds true . for GPS/Navigation and Satellite Radio. Once one have the appropriate . add-ons, which are generally cheaper than dealer-offered systems.For .

example, the AVH-P4300DVD brings one complete iPod/iPhone control, but . also, through the exact same port, permits one to download a personalized list of . MP3, WMA or AAC audio files to a thumb drive from a laptop or desktop . PC and, as soon as inserted, the circuitry of the AVH-P4300DVD reclaims the . upper variety frequencies that were removed off to permit the files to be . compressed. There is likewise some additional mid-range focus mapped to this . so that the audio is richer.Meantime, the AVH-P4300DVD likewise . acknowledges the following video standards, JPEG and DivX so that one can . likewise download and display slideshows that play together with the music or, . if one wishes to, one can simply capture one image and utilize it as the . wallpaper for the seven-inch LCD touchscreen. Compatibility continues as . the AVH-P4300DVD uses compatibility with DVDs, DVD-R/RW discs, . DVD+R/ RW Discs, along with CDs, CD-R/RW discs and VCD. Integrated with the . three double-DIN outputs, one can not just interface other Pioneer .
choices, however can also set up the AVH-P4300DVD to serve as the control head
. for a rear home entertainment center. It will drive rear screens and .
headphones so that rear passengers can see DVDs while those in front .
use the NAV/GPS or Pandora sound service.Audio output, at peak, . is 50 by 4 channels for an overall of 200 watts, which is ample

. for any audio one would care to listen to, nevertheless, if one desire to .
set up a different high-powered amplifier, other filtering or a huge .
subwoofer in the rear one has 3 high-voltage pre-emphasized RCA .
outputs available. These are functions that are seen just on extremely .
high-end systems of the type one may discover set up in a Mercedes-Benz .
or BMW.Another truly incredible function is the audio flexibility . of the intelligent equalization utilized by the AVH-P4300DVD. Cars are . infamously horrendous environments in which to listen to quality sound. . There are multiple surface areas off of which sound can reflect or bounce . out of stage, triggering distortion. And, then the is the upholstery which . can soak up sound, no matter what
one does or where one puts the . speakers.Indeed, unless one is seated in the direct center of the . vehicle, one will find that sound shipment can quickly be distorted. The . AVH-P4300DVD uses up several equalization schemes that a person can . use to custom-tailor the noise to one’s car however perhaps its most . essential function is its Car Equalization which, using an optional . microphone supplied as an add-on by Leader , monitors the return of the . noise to the control head and after that automatically adjusts equalization to .Free Reprint Articlesenhance it from the source.The AVH-P4300DVD is developed to set up . directly into the in-dash location that most vehicle producers leave .

behind the blank area in the center or
top of the center dash-mounted . center console.- Dash Diet