Nissan and Chrysler Become Close Partners

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Because Daimler offered . Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management, CCM has been working to turn . the business around, and perhaps find another buyer.Chrysler has been . struggling for sometime, hence their split from Daimler. The . partnership will assist produce a stronger entertainer in a market that . will be vital to the company
‘s success in the future. Chrysler . dealerships such as River Valley Motors . have actually seen the effects of not having a trustworthy and fuel effective . vehilce in the compan ‘ y lineup. In addition, Nissan also will benefit . as the business requires a manufacturing home for their full-size truck and . Armada/Infiniti QX56. In addition, Nissan has announced its strategies to . even more its participation in the manufacturing and sale of industrial . automobiles, which increases its need to have a strong pickup offering.With the shifts

in . customer needs
, the two companies can absolutely benefit from one . another< img src ="" alt=" Science Articles" border=" 0"/ >, and some state this could result in another brand under the . Renault-Nissan umbrella. -Plant Based Diet Plan