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Long Beach, California area has over 4 million people in the workforce. The joblessness rate has been dropping just recently, and stood at simply under 4% in October of 2006. Many of the hot development for work in Long Beach, CA is in instructional and healthcare services, leisure and hospitality, and government.Education and health services are the fastest growing sectors in the Long Beach, California area. There are over 51,000 primary school teachers in the Long Beach area and 52,000 instructors assistants. These tasks make an annual average earnings of $51,000 and $26,000 respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Registered nurses are also in demand in Long Beach, as in the remainder of the nation. There are over 65,000 nurses in the location. Their typical hourly wage is $32.40 and their average annual income is $67,660. Security guards make up a large part of the Long Beach work force. Over 50,100 people are used as security guards in the Long Beach area. Their average per hour wage is $10.74 and their mean yearly income is $22,340. Cooking and service also employs a great deal of people in Long Beach. Over 35,000 people are employed as cooking workers, and over 61,000 people are employed as wait staff. These 2 occupations make approximately $18,000 and $17,000 respectively each year.

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