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Numerous countries are proud of their special soup. Here is a list of international soup concepts that can easily be made in any American kitchen: AsianJapanese Miso Soup is not tough to make when there are miso soup packets to get you began. Just add tofu or another protein, such as cooked chicken, plus sliced scallions.To offer any broth a Chinese taste, you can add one star anise and simmer for about thirty minutes. You can find star anise in the spices aisle of many grocery stores in cities. You can include any thin noodles, such as vermicelli, or even try Chinese rice noodles. Let them prepare in the broth. Then, include tofu or cooked chicken or pork and maybe broccoli. Presto! A Chinese-style soup.Why not use instant ramen as a base for a scrumptious Asian-style soup? Include prepared shrimp, chopped fresh cilantro, and perhaps a veggie such as carrots or mushroom. These add-ins augment the flavor and the dietary content and give you a simple international soup.EuropeanMany Europeans routinely prepare a pureed veggie soup as a first course. They do not follow a dish, but rather simmer the veggies, such as carrots, till soft, then puree with broth, reheat and season with salt and pepper. It’s a simple procedure and can be modified according to your tastes. The Portugese soup Caldo Verde is simple and a crowd-pleaser. One head of kale, 4 big potatoes, one onion, plus broth, and you’re almost there. Some people include chopped sausage to this base of vegetables. This is a hearty soup!Central AmericanMexican Tortilla Soup is a fantastic soup to start with for any meal, not just a Mexican meal! And it’s so basic. Take a tasty chicken broth as your base. Add cooked chicken, sliced raw onion, and chopped fresh cilantro. At the table, include in some tortilla chips and grated cheese. Ole!

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