How Effective Is The Atkins Diet?

Atkins Diet plan

The Atkins Diet is by far one of the most popular of all low carb diets.It was first established in the 1970’s by Dr Robert Atkins. Hecame to the conclusion that overweight individuals were that waynot because of over eating but by excessive insulin production.He then chose that obese people consumed more Carbohydratesthan slimmer people. Although in most cases, obese peopleactually ate less than slimmer individuals. It was just a case of WHATthey were eating ratherthan how much.So he then went about producing a ketogenic weight loss diet plan. Thisdiet needs the dieter to consume no more than 40 grams of

carbseach day. But suggests to take supplements to make sure the bodyremains balanced and is not starved of important nutrients.The 4 main phases of the atkins diet plan are:1. The Induction2. On Going Weight Loss3. Pre-Maintenance4. Life time Upkeep The Induction process includes taking no more than 20 grams ofcarbs per day. You ought to consume proteins and fats plentifully though.This will last for 2 week and need to see a large weight reduction duringthis

time.You will then go up to 40 grams of carbohydrates per day and this is calledthe On Going Weight Loss (OWL ). You will stay on this process ofOWL till you reach your wanted weight.You will then stabilize your carbs under Lifetime Upkeep to keepto your preferred weight.The Atkins Diet is a really easy diet to follow and can lead to a quick weight loss in most cases.Obviously you need to seek medical recommendations prior to carrying out anydiet or weight reduction program.-Atkins Diet plan