Good Food/ Bad Food – What’s Left to Eat?

South Beach Diet Plan

We have actually entered the Twilight Zone when it concerns the multitude of diet plans being promoted today. Beginning with the Atkins Diet plan followed
by the South Beach Diet, both higher in protein, lower in carbs,
but the distinction should be on quality of carbohydrates, not singling out
one nutrient as “bad.” If you are on the Atkins Diet Plan or South Beach
Diet plan simply adjust from eating poor quality carbs like refined flour
and extremely refined sugar products (comes in a box, or ready-to-eat)
to eating more whole food products like fresh veggies and fruits,
yes fruits.Apples vs. Apple Jacks – You be the Judge

I know the conventional Atkins Diet plan (particularly in the Induction
stage) does not promote much fruit (expensive sugar, so they say) however
think of that for one minute. My strong belief is that an apple
is a great food, a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal may not be on an equivalent
level. One is extremely processed, sweetened by included white sugar and corn syrup, and one is natural, plucked from a tree and sweetened
by the sun. Which would you select? Do not shun fresh fruit for the sake of following your low carbohydrate diet to the letter.Eliminating healthy

, wholesome foods is not the very best way to discover to eat better, however severely cutting back on the frequency of consuming highly processed foods is. I saw a website
which called it GM or MM: God Made or Male Made. If you believe of those terms when you go to select your foods, it begins to make more sense. Nobody states you should not consume chips, or whatever strikes your fancy, but make them a reward-and eat the GM foods more often.Time for the Typical Sense Diet Common sense will respond to the question about what to eat.

If you are on Atkins, South Beach or any variation of low carbohydrate diet, avoid processed foods, not natural foods. Stop using” immediate “breakfast, and cook entire rolled oats for circumstances. Sure you may need to get up 10 minutes previously, oh well. You’re worth it!You can still remain on a higher protein food strategy, however this one minor adjustment will allow you to continue with your eating strategy for a lifetime, rather than a short-time. I ‘d go ridiculous if I could not consume my daily apple, banana or
other fruit. I love fruit. I believe there’s a great reason humans prefer sweet foods-Vitamin C, and other nutrients, including
bioflavonoids.Addicted to Fruit?I heard somebody complain they were “addicted to fruit” and I had to marvel, what do they eat? The individual who refuses to consume fruit since they think it is
too high in sugar, probably does consume cookies, crackers and sugary cereals.
They may even consume synthetically seasoned and sweetened beverages, but they refuse to consume a natural food, grown from our earth? That makes no sense, if you consider it. Did our world establish and thrive based upon processed foods? No, obviously not. They are really recent in the development of our world. Very current. In fact, we’ve had actually processed foods
less than 200 years, while our world is countless years old.With the high occurrence of weight problems, and our high intake of processed foods, it’s hard not
to draw the conclusion that a person triggers the other. You will not hear huge market mentioning that case due to the fact that our economy depends upon us
purchasing the items being produced by the business that use us.
You’ll never see it reported that”scientists found fine-tuned flour eliminates,”even if it were shown true because it does not support our method of life. We need industry.Witnessing the epidemic of food health problems such as Mad Cow, and now Bird Flu, I can envision a society without the standardized
meat industry. It will happen -absolutely nothing however your regional farm will be permitted to sell meat due to the fact that the huge farm industry can not guarantee safety of the food supply. Meat will end up being a lot more expensive since when they can no longer mass produce it, there is nowhere for rates to go however up. So do we whine and weep
and groan about our misery or do we begin to think about meat
as something to relish and enjoy like the Sunday roasts we had years ago? We never consumed meat every day then -and we weren’t so fat either. We just
didn’t eat as much processed foods. The majority of us had mamas in the house cooking us dinner, making our lunches and even repairing our breakfasts.Yes, development marches
on, but when it concerns your body , typical sense rules the day. The Good Sense Diet Plan! Try it on for size
today. – South Beach Diet Plan