Fasting & Weight Loss!

Periodic Fasting Diet Plan

Nobody desires excess fat in their body and all of us are always trying to find ways to minimize excess fat from our body. We all can think about methods like dieting and exercising to slim down. However what about Fasting or going on a crash diet to lose weight?Though you might be lured to go on a crash diet, it might do more harm to your body than you could imagine.The amount of calories we intake determine whether we lose or
gain weight! And because the excess calories is because of food, lot of us turn to avoiding breakfast or consuming a smaller sized lunch to reduce our calorie intake. Going on a starvation diet plan may assist you to lose weight but it is actually

not at all a healthy option. This is because if you starve for a longer period of time, your body lowers your metabolic process rate. If your body still needs calories, it will break down your muscles first, and then it will look towards fat.So any loss in weight through fasting is because of loss of

muscle mass and not because of fat. And when you return to your normal eating routines again, your body stores everything as fat as rapidly as possible. Besides, it also makes you to turn to binge consuming.- Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan