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Christmas can be performed in different methods; to reveal a scene on scriptural styles or to organize a Christmas matinee and carnival at the exact same time. But whatever it was, the holiday needs to be well thought out. During this holiday everybody desires to feel a bit of a fairy tale, even for one night. It does not matter who, princess or burglar, pirate, or astrologer, or maybe an angel or Santa himself, however the outfit for the carnival must be selected thoroughly. No matter what image was selected for the celebration, costume suitable to make a holiday memorable and brilliant. It is not understood from where the custom went arrange plentiful Christmas meal, perhaps, from the Latin Saturnalia (the ancient festival of the winter season solstice, Romans commemorated December 25) when the wine streamed easily, and on the tables were crowded with an abundance of food. When December 25 was commemorated Christmas tradition to get together for close household circle was a rich banquet table calledGala Dinner.Christmas table – this is as an integral part of the vacation as a joyful Christmas tree and Santa Claus. There is no clear tradition in each nation are preparing their own method, however there is one basic rule that complies with all of Europe, without exception; the table at Christmas must be adequate. Undoubtedly, before the vacation should post when you can only lean foods. On the Christmas table in Italy, typically served cold meals, meat and dessert, served in the Ukraine sochivo (table usually includes 12 meatless dishes). In Spain, the very first fed milk soup, seafood and after that only after the turkey – the primary dish of the Christmas table. In some cases, rather of turkey Spaniards prepare Atlantic recipes like fish. This fish is extremely expensive, however on holiday you can still afford a little luxury. In Germany, the main dish – roasted goose with apples and cabbage. Lithuanian people on Christmas Eve utilized to eating only lean foods. On the table, they are usually salads, kutya, fish and other meatless meals. Meat is omitted. Roast goose can afford just a day after a family visit to the church.People in Germany, and England can not imagine Christmas without food from the bird. English conventional Christmas meal is a pudding, which stuck a sprig of fir. The primary decoration of joyful meal is a simple little Christmas tree. The most famous Danish Christmas meals include rice porridge with raisins and cinnamon, in addition to roast goose with apples. On Christmas Eve porridge is exposed to the dwarves could consume meals and the list below year did not hurt the owners.In general, the Christmas menu can be quite diverse. As you move from one nation to another christmas foods and dishes get vary on large scale. There is absolutely nothing like similarity other than the massage from God Jesus Christ “follow the course of honesty and fact”. Thus, we must celebrate christmas in our won way however must be on one path of humanity.

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