Do You Know What Is Your Acne Type

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Acne attacks the skins of millions of people throughout the world. And all of them begin with a comedo, which develops as an outcome of clogged up pore. A comedo in fact stays there under the skin for rather a long time without producing any problem. When the conditions are best and bacterial infection happens, it becomes an inflamed lesion. Oil is continually produced by the skin, that makes the bacteria to grow better and the issue worsens further. At the same time the skin around the affected part earnings a war versus the infection that makes it a lot more painful for the sufferer.There are 2 broad classifications of acne: Inflammatory Acne and Non-Inflammatory Acne. Amongst the inflammatory kind, the mildest ones are papules. These are pink, little bumps on the skin and can be rather tender to touch. Similar to papules are the pustules. The only difference being that they are swollen and pus-filled. The swelling in pustules is not triggered by germs however by irritation due to the presence of sebum and its part, like fatty acids.Cysts are another sort of inflammatory acne. But they are far more painful kind, as they are large, filled with pus and lodged deep in the skin. Blemishes are like cysts but are the most extreme kind of acne. They spread in a bigger location and are deeply irritated. They may take weeks and even months to disappear. Cysts and blemishes might leave scars behind.Non-inflammatory acne might happen in the form of whiteheads or blackheads. Whiteheads are plugged hair follicles under the skin surface while blackheads appear on the skin surface. The black appearance of blackheads is not due to the presence of bacteria but due to the existence of melanin. The non-inflammatory kind of acne is not uncomfortable though they look very unsightly and thats the worst part about them.- Anti Inflammatory Diet