Rush Diet

. I’m not sure if this title requires any intro at all. I imply, just . casual video games freshmen don’t know the Dash game series and Flo. With . regard to those, Cooking Dash developed by Aliasworlds Entertainment and published by PlayFirst, is a brand-new sequel in the series of time-management games. .

And for the time-management veterans – you are going to meet Flo and . Granny themselves in this release. It’s not like Coco or Quinn weren’t . good, it’s simply that Flo is much better … .
This . time Cookie, Flo’s great chef, was used to star in his own truth . cooking program on TELEVISION. But who’s gon na take care of the diner?

Yes, it’s . Flo and Granny. After every level you are given some talk about how Cookie’s doing . with his program. And he is doing just much better and better. So soon (soon . implies 10 levels) Ahefs from other dining establishments are welcomed to his show. . And who’s gon na take care of their dining establishments and clients?. Yes, . it’s Flo and Grandma.

. Every new restaurant indicates that you are . going to begin all over once again. I suggest you can’t count on the upgrades . you used to increase customers’ perseverance before simply since you don’t . have them here. You need to earn them again.

. A brand-new reastaurant means a brand-new food, a new background, a brand-new kind of customers, which is always great. .

The seats are colored and you get reward . points for matching the colors of the clients with those of the . seats. However don’t focus on that a lot since you might lose more on . awaiting the seat of the needed color to be uninhabited. .

The larger part of the screen takes up . the kitchen location. Grandma stands in the middle all set to prepare . different cold foods. Flo is rushing all over the place making all . sort of meals – shakes, fried eggs, french fries, pizzas and so on

. The process of serving is nothing brand-new. You seat a customer, wait on . him or her to make an order, prepare it, serve it, take the cash and take . away the filthy meals.

. There is a shop in the game where you can buy things to update your . dining establishment. Some of the important things do not enhance your score or speed at all . though fresh doors or tiles. However there are those that include speed or . add more devices or increase customers’ persistence. .

The video game is extremely intriguing with the old . well-known characters and different cuisinesFree Web Content< img src ="" alt =" Free Web Material" border=" 0"/ >, and challenging with the .
speed you need to hurry around on.