Commending Cumin seeds

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Cummin seed or jeera is seeds of flowering plant Cuminum Cyminum. This plant, local of east India and east Mediterranean, belongs to household Apeaceae. The herbaceous plant Cuminum Cyminum grows to a height of 20- 30 cms. Leaves of this plant are pinnate and bear thread like leaflets.The seeds of Cuminum Cyminum have gotten their place as main spice in Indian, African, Chinese, Cuban and Mexican cuisines, due to their distinctive popular scent. It is mainly utilized to spice and season variety of dishes like curries, chutneys, masalas etc. It is extensively utilized in India to season meals. Due to its numerous medical residential or commercial properties, jeera is utilized as an active ingredient in many natural home remedy and ayurvedic preparations. The strong aroma of jeera or cumin seeds is because of the presence of compound cuminaldehyde This spice has been praised as jeeraka, jarana and ajaaji for its medical

qualities in ayurvedic texts. These names describe its carminative and digestive homes. According ayurvedic concepts these seeds balance vata and kapha.Medicinal properties of Jeera or Cumin seeds: According to ayurveda jeera shows the following medicinal properties.( Shubhrajeeram katu graahi paachanam deepanam laghu Garbhashayashuddhikaram ruksham balyam sugandhikam Tiktham

vamikshayaadhmanam vaatam kushtam visham jwaram)1. It lowers shallow inflammation and discomfort.2. Apart from kindling appetite, it absorbs food and normalizes vata in gastrointestinal system.3. Decreases discomfort experienced throughout indigestion, flatulence or heaviness of stomach.4. It cleanses blood5. Cumin seeds act upon female reproductive system by minimizing inflammation of uterus.6. It is eulogized for its galactogog homes.(Boosts milk production in breast feeding mothers).7. As it normalizes vata and kapha it functions as an aphrodesiac.8. It is a skin friendly herb and reduces itching.Home solutions using jeera 1. A great paste of cumin seeds (cumin seeds ground with water ), when applied on boils or aching body parts offers relief from discomfort.2. Water boiled with ground jeera needs to be offered regularly to lactating mothers. This increases breast milk and lowers inflammation of uterus. 3. Boil ground jeera in water and enable it to cool off. Include a pinch of cardamom to filtered jeera water. Rinsing with this flavored water helps to keep the mouth fresh, heals mouth ulcers and gets rid of nasty smell.4. Roast jeera without oil till it warm. Grind this to a fine powder along with rock salt. Massage gums with this powder. This assists to avoid bleeding from gums and strengthens them.5. Boil a tea spoon of jeera in a glass of water, enable it to cool. Consuming this water frequently relieves indigestion and flatulence.6. Consuming powdered jeera with honey lowers colic pain and minimizes diarrhea caused due to indigestion.7. A tea prepared by boiling cumin seeds and a little piece of fresh ginger help to give relief in typical cold.8. Mix a spoon of ground roasted cumin seeds , 1/2 spoon of fresh ginger juice and a pinch of salt in a glass of butter milk. Regular usage of this butter milk helps to ease stacks and relaxes inflamed intestine.9. Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can use pomegranate juice combined with roasted and ground jeera powder. This helps to decrease frequency of stools and relaxes colon.Precaution has to be taken while roasting cumin seeds.Cumin seeds have to be roasted in low heat till it becomes warm and ought to be taken off from stove when it is adequately warm to touch. This preventative measure helps to prevent the escape of volatile compounds of jeera.-Plant Based Diet Plan