Caveman Diet Watermelon Recipes and Watermelons History.

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Caveman dishes are complimentary of gluten, dairy, soy and preservative complimentary. Slim, low carb and low glycemic indexed diet plan. Food ingredients eaten by Caveman over 10,000 years back. Modern man’s way of lives have actually altered however the Caveman left a diet crafted by Nature for optimal health. Watermelon recipes and the history of the watermelon.Paleo Diet consists, lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and natural food enhancers. One little pre-owned fruit is the watermelon. Watermelon thought about a summer fruit is taken pleasure in over the world for its watery, refreshing, healthy unique taste. Delight In FREE Paleo Watermelon Flax Seed Shake, Watermelon Popsicle and Watermelon Walnut Salad Recipes. Discover the origin of the watermelon and how it took a trip to America.

Paleo Watermelon and Flax Seed Shake Dish

Paleo Shake Dish

Caveman Watermelon Popsicle



Blend watermelon, juice and skin in blender or juicer up until liquefied. Pour mixture through sieve in bowl. Using measuring cup with sprout put mix into Popsicle molds with sticks placed. Freeze and serve.

Paleo Watermelon and Walnut Salad

History of the Watermelon

In Ancient Egypt watermelon seeds were found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen (noted by Zohary and Hopf). Unusually, there are no ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts or painting of watermelon. Historians claim watermelon stemmed in the Kalahari Dessert, Africa. Watermelon seeds were sold or traded to trade merchants along the Mediterranean trade routes. Growing of watermelon spread through Africa and the Mediterranean coast. Watermelon was an important fruit for its watery thirst quencher quality in the hot and dry areas of Africa and the Mediterranean. The watermelon is 92% – 95% water and consists of vitamins A and C, minerals, anti-oxidants and electrolytes. In the 13th century the Moors attacked Europe. The Moors brought the watermelon seed with them. This was Europe initially introduction to the watermelon. In the 1600s watermelons were discovered in Britain, Spain and China. Presently, China is the worlds largest manufacturer of watermelon. It is thought that the watermelon seed was given America by European colonists and African slaves. In the hot summertime in Southern USA watermelon proved a thirsty quencher as it had in Africa and Mediterranean. Other usages were found for the watermelon during the Civil War. Soldiers in the Confederate boiled watermelon as a source of sugar and molasses.China has dishes for

the entire watermelon. Watermelon seeds are roasted and consumed. The rinds are marinaded in the USA and China used as an appetizer. In addition , in China watermelon juices are made into white wine. In South Russia watermelon juices are made into beer.-Mediterranean Diet Plan Recipes