Acid Alkaline Balance is the Disorder, the Disease is Cancer and all Chronic Afflictions

Alkaline Diet

Acid Alkaline Balance is the Disorder, the Illness is Cancer and all . Persistent Afflictions and the Herbal Treatment is Balancing Your Ph. Any American who was ever treated for cancer by . modern-day medicine has been swindled, are you among them?The Nasty

Blunt Reality about Modern . Medication and Cancer!” Modern Medicine’s Secret Ph Treatment”
. Any American who was ever dealt with for cancer by modern-day medicine has been ripped . off, are you one of them? There are lots of someones today screaming their . lungs out because they are dying of a malignant illness and there is no pain . killer strong enough to help them. However think what; not only are they dying a . terrible death, they are being deceived by the organizations that are expected . to help them? Those organizations who discovered the cure for cancer are keeping . it from those who require it. That is right; they would rather see you die than . use the remedy that they have understood about for many years.
. Here are a number of direct hits in between the eyes of those organizations. The real . search for a cancer treatment has been over for many years. Anybody who requests cash to . help find the cure for cancer is a fool, a charlatan or a liar. Modern medication . long ago treated cancer but informed no one what they did. You heard me right, contemporary . medicine found the treatment for all cancers years ago. And any medical professional who states that . declaration is wrong is either a total fool who ought to not hold a doctorate . degree or a complete liar.

. . Read this next paragraph and you will see why I would make a lot of strong . declarations about among the most significant most respected organizations worldwide. . This next paragraph says it all and can not be denied, it is the outright .
smoking gun.

. . Dr. Otto Warburg( doctorate degrees in both chemistry and medicine) was awarded . the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for the discovery that, unlike healthy . cells in the body, cancer cells do not “breathe” oxygen (and . other than for Adolf Hitler would have been granted a 2nd Nobel Reward for more . work in the exact same area of research study). Cancer cells are anaerobic. To put it simply, . they work with no oxygen present. In truth, cancer cells can not make it through in . the existence of high levels of oxygen.
. Dr. Warburg, in his Nobel Prize winning study, illustrated the environment of . the cancer cell. A typical healthy cell undergoes a negative modification when it can . no longer receive oxygen to convert glucose into energy. In the absence of . oxygen, the cell goes back to a primal dietary program to nurture itself by . transforming glucose through the procedure of fermentation. The lactic acid . produced by fermentation reduces the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and . destroys the capability of DNA and RNA to control cell department. The cancer cells . then start to increase. The lactic acid simultaneously causes extreme local discomfort . as it destroys cell enzymes. Cancer looks like a quickly growing external cell . covering, with a core of dead cells.
. Basically, Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize for revealing that cancer thrives in . an anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic condition. In other words, the main cause . for cancer is level of acidity of the human body triggered by the private consuming too . lots of acid foods. This acid environment restricts the oxygen to cells and leads .
cancer. . . This discovery of Dr. Warburg’s leads us directly to the remedy for cancer. The . treatment for cancer is to reverse this acidic environment by removing the source of . the problem. Eliminate the acid environment( a lot of acid foods and acidic toxic . waste) that the cancer flourishes in. This new environment with its balance . in between acid and alkali brings in oxygen destroying the cancer cells.
. Sounds too basic, you may say. That’s what I said as I fought prostate . cancer. I had some doubts, but it worked. The cleaner I got my body through . detoxing, cleaning and way of life changes, the faster my acid and alkali . well balanced. My symptoms were entered 3 months and I got my health back. A year . later I was cancer complimentary.
. I had doubts like you, since like you I was fed large doses of misinforming information from individuals and institutions I turned over . with my health. Lots of doctors and scientists in modern-day medication are absolutely .
genuine in their belief that it works. While there are others who have another . agenda and it has absolutely nothing to do with helping me or anybody else by treating . cancer. They do not desire a treatment due to the fact that treatments indicate low revenues. They have lead . the fight to cure cancer with your money for decades and years. However the treatment . will never be discovered by poisoning, cutting or burning with radiation and laser . beams. That is the instructions where the cash driven market wants research to . go however there is no treatment in that instructions.
. You may likewise be suspicious since this discovery was made in 1931. Well the . guidelines were simply as tough then to surpass the Nobel committee as they are . now. The experiments that lead Dr. Warburg to his discovery were tested and . retested by other researchers who created the very same conclusions. Those same . conclusions still stand today ready to be checked if someone desires to disprove . his findings however nobody steps forward because his findings are the fact.
. Lots of professionals in the health field see this Nobel Prize work of Dr. Warburg’s as . the best medical discovery of all time. First, by treating cancer it will . save millions upon millions of lives across the world. However, that is just the . starting since if you adjust your diet in this manner you likewise treat all the . autoimmune diseases of which there are over 60 at this moment. You can also include . in overall resistance to all germs and infections since they, like cancer, can not . live in an environment where there is plenty of oxygen and a strong immune .

. . I have actually even seen some deride and belittle Dr. Warburg for living the way of life . that he discovered would keep a person cancer totally free. These are the very same little minds . that would keep you on their path of disease and treatment for the rest of your . life. When Dr. Warburg met small minds like these he was understood to . price estimate an aphorism he attributed to physicist Max Planck “that science . doesn’t progress due to the fact that scientists alter their minds, however rather since scientists . connected to erroneous views pass away, and are replaced with a brand-new generation that is . knowledgeable about the truth”. Dr. Warburg finished one of his most famous . speeches with the following declaration:” … nobody today can state that one . does not understand what cancer and its prime cause is. On the contrary, there is no . illness whose prime cause is better known, so that today lack of knowledge is no longer . a reason that one can not do more about prevention.”
. How to Balance Your Ph to Eliminate Cancer and Stay Healthy .
Some of the following info . was extracted from my short article entitled “I Am An Omnivore, We Are All . Omnivores”
. Why isn’t our ph balanced by what we consume, what is incorrect with the American diet plan? .
In America, . as in the majority of nations, we consume normally for home entertainment not for nutrition. We . do not consume the food that our body is designed to flourish on. We consume like someone . who buys a car, puts routine unleaded gas in the tank when the owner’s manual . states premium only. This is a warranty that over time you will get ill and discover . yourself on prescription medication. By the time you are middle-aged you will . have a persistent debilitating disease and be on the domino effect to a medical facility, . and then a rest home.

. . There is one extremely necessary active ingredient missing out on from the American diet that can . balance our ph. We do not eat enough raw fruit and vegetables which is a basic essential . law of human nutrition. Produce is where we get the alkaline that reduces the effects of .
the acid foods that we consume. Acid foods are meat, dairy, beans and grains and . their products such as bread. These acid foods must be reduced the effects of by the . alkaline foods. The failure to do so results in illness. Well we do refrain from doing that .
in America . and you can see the devastating outcomes of breaking this essential law . everywhere.
America . is sick because we have gotten too far from the human body’s fundamental . nutritional root, raw fruit and vegetables, and it is eliminating us.
. As people progressed, we adjusted to a certain design of consuming because of . ecological pressures. For thousands upon countless years our primary . pressure was finding enough food to keep ourselves and our household mates alive. . If you visualize yourself in their position, the grocery shop was the . environment they lived in. To endure you must know every source of food . readily available, every eatable plant, fruit, seed, and animal to keep yourself and . household fed. We discovered to take benefit of nature by being opportunists to . increase our chances to find the nutrition we required. We studied nature through the . great instructor, survival.
. If you put yourself in their position, where searching did not evolve for . countless years in the future, the pressure of hunger drives you to gather . those things that can not escape you. Plants are everywhere and it does . not take long to figure out which are edible and which are not. One hint is to . watch other animals eat and you soon find that there is a warehouse of . food right in front of you.
. There was no specific amount of this meat which seed, vegetable or fruit . that we turned to. We gathered what we could, however I think it’s easy to say that . we constantly relied on those green plants growing and offered in many locations. . If we could find absolutely nothing else, we might constantly find something green to fill at . least some of that empty location in our gut.
. You may be stating today that this does not sound really healthy. Well . think what, dietary science has shown that the most largely healthy . food in the world is not meat or dairy. The most densely healthy food on . planet earth are the green foods.
. Our food digestion evolved around this design of consuming, great deals of greens, grains, . seeds and raw things with meat when the opportunity developed. So we are what is . called an omnivore by some scientists, but we are a specialized kind of . omnivore. We consume meat, however that is not a strong side for us. Even our stomach . acid matches an herbivore, 4 to 5 ph (real omnivores and carnivores have a ph . of 1, really acidic). A bear is an omnivore, however unlike us has the built-in .
weapons to eliminate other animals and eat them. Here are other omnivores: possums, . pigs, chimpanzees, rats, chickens, crows, piranhas and turtles.
. If you check out thoroughly what I simply said, you will notice that we are an animal . who is not a real meat eater. We can, but our body is constructed to only endure a . little quantity daily. If we were an omnivore who eats more meat than other foods . we would have those weapons to kill animals and stomach acid to absorb them, . and we would sweat through our tongue not our skin. We would likewise eat them raw, . skin, hair, bones, guts and all, like all other omnivores. Let me know if you . ever see a bear lower a deer, gut it, skin it and prepare it over a fire. . Eating that way would make any omnivore sick in a short amount of time.
. If you are like most Americans you do not eat much raw, alkali foods, in one . day. Let’s simply state that for breakfast today you had 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, . 2 pieces of toast, with coffee. You might call this a very typical breakfast . for many Americans. At lunch you stopped for a hamburger, fries and a coke. For . dinner that night in your home, you had 2 pork chops, cooked green beans, mashed . potatoes with gravy and a salad with dressing plus a slice of apple pie for .

. . Now, let’s add up this days food to discover why it is so poor and will make . you fat and ill. Out of all of that food the raw, alkali containing food was . the smallest amount. None at breakfast, some at lunch, the onion, tomato and . lettuce in the burger qualified .
The salad with dinner was raw and certified . but we can not count green beans and mashed potatoes because they were prepared, . therefore were the apples in the pie. Cooking food destroys practically all nutritional . value. So, out of all of that food, there was just a little amount with any food . value. The remainder of the food that day was cooked acidic food which is pretty . much worthless. Here is how useless. If you have ever owned a composter they . will tell you on the instructions never put prepared food in the composter it is .

. . So if you desire to get your ph balanced and you desire to get the most from . nutrition and prevent illness, transfer to lots of live fruit and vegetables with each meal. My . suggestion is to consume nothing however fruit at breakfast like a fruit shake. At . lunch and supper what I do is procedure a minimum of one pound of raw veggies as a . salad to choose each meal like lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, squash, tomato, . spinach, avocado and so on. You may think this is a great deal of fruit and vegetables, that you could . never eat that much. You can easily consume that much and more. My pal Jackie, . who is 52 13, ate a pound for lunch and a pound and a half for supper every day . and lost 40 pounds of excess weight over a 3 month period. She informed me she will . never go back to her old design of consuming that she feels and wants to excellent. Eat . meat if you like; do not consume any refined foods, obviously, such as sugar, white . rice, white bread and so on
. Including great deals of produce to your way of life by doing this will bring favorable changes . in your health. One thing I discovered when I ate by doing this is my stomach always . feels very comfy. Even if I overeat it feels great.
. To assist you in stabilizing your ph bring in a high quality incredibly green food. . They have the produce in a focused alkali form. Add them to your foods . such as meals, salads and beverages to enhance the nutrition and boost . food digestion and assimilation of all your food. Also take them with you when you . are eating in restaurants or traveling. They can also change your multi-vitamin since . they are packed with real food vitamins your body can absorb naturally.
. Practically everybody is taking vitamin supplements or some sort of fortified beverage . or another. Many Vitamins on the marketplace are a sham they do not originate from food . therefore can not be taken in by human beings. The law of nature that we can not break . is” that if it has not come to us through a living plant we can not get any . nutrition from it “. No matter what the manufacturer states you can only . take in food grown or entire food vitamins. These whole food vitamins can . also help you stabilize your body’s ph.
. How Can I Check My Ph to See If the Modifications I Made Are Working? .

. The most accurate approach I have actually found for inspecting your ph is First AM, Last PM . urine approach. Buy yourself some ph litmus screening strips that you can find in . almost any drug or health food shop. The litmus paper strips alter color when . they are dipped in liquid. Compare the color the paper relies on the test color . chart that comes with the test package. The strategy for finding your ph is very . easy, when you initially get up in the morning test you urine the very first time you . urinate. The last time you urinate before you go to sleep test your urine then. . Do this for a full seven days keeping a list of the numbers you discovered. At the end . of 7 days amount to up the numbers and divide by 7 to get your average ph for .
the 7 days.
. . How would you like to be treated in the hospital of a nation that was ranked . number 24 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Well guess what, you are living . because country, as the U.S.A. . is ranked number 24 by the W.H.O. Isn’t that interesting that for years and . years we were always number 1 and lead the word when it pertained to medicine. I’ll . offer you another surprise. As all of us know heart disease is the top . killer of Americans , and everybody likewise knows that cancer isthe second . killer of Americans. Think what is the number three
killer people Americans my . buddies? It is the American Medical System itself.
That is the number 3 . killer of the American individuals.
. . In closing I wish to state that one of the most crucial things I was informed . by the Naturopathic Physician who began me on this path was “You need to take . charge of your own health you can not leave it up
to another person.”- Alkaline Diet