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A Mediterranean cruise is without doubt the mostvaried kind of cruise available. There are more than120 seaports around the Mediterranean coastline, offering numerous mixes of cruise vacationsover one-week, two-week or longer trips.A substantial clash of cultures await all who go with aMediterranean cruise. You can visit no less than17 various nations, including such nations asSpain, Italy, Greece and Egypt. Each country has actually itsown unique attractions, all of which you can sampleas your cruise ship gracefully cruises around the calmblue Mediterranean Sea.More than

50 companies provide cruises along variedroutes in the Mediterranean. Some business specializein offering Western Mediterranean cruises, concentrating on ports of call around Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Morocco. Other companiesoffer Eastern Mediterranean cruises which take inCroatia, Greece, Turkey and nations in the MiddleEast. Popular professional Mediterranean cruises includea tour of the North African countries, a Mediterraneanislands cruise that goes to the island nations ofCyprus and Malta, as well as cruises around the GreekIslands. If you want a longer holiday, it ispossible to arrange a cruise itinerary that takesyou around a lot of if not all of the Mediterraneannations.History, culture, grand cities, ancient monuments, romantic islands and spectacular views are allwithin easy reach on a Mediterranean cruise. In theWestern Mediterranean you can find the traditionalwhite Andalucian villages of Southern Spain, samplethe world-famous Manzanilla sherry in Cadiz and visitthe cultural center of Europe in the shape of Barcelona, before travelling onwards to the French Riviera.A cruise that takes in the wonderful coastline ofItaly yields such treasures as the dormant volcano ofMt Vesuvius, ancient Pompeii and the sensational city ofRome. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia hold manydelights too on a Western Mediterranean cruise.In the Eastern Mediterranean, cruise travelers candiscover

the incredible Croatian coastline and itsbeautiful city-Dubrovnik, prior to divingsoutheastwards to sample classical Greece and itssultry islands. The island of Crete is always wortha visit, if only for the historic Palace of Knossos.A visit to the holy city of Jerusalem is aworthwhile expedition from

both Israeli ports-Haifa and Ashdod-on a Mediterranean cruise of theMiddle East. Egypt’s Port Said is well worth a visittoo. Port Said provides access to the world famousSuez Canal, which takes vessels into the Red Sea andonwards in to the Arabian Sea.The Mediterranean region has seen numerous a civilizationrise and fall. It is a crucible of human evolutionand is rich in antiques left over by more than 6,000 years of occupation. If you’ve ever wished to discoverwhat it seemed like to be an Egyptian pharaoh, Romanwarrior or a Greek theorist, a Mediterranean cruisecan provide you simply that chance. JohnFeature ArticlesMetcalfe -Mediterranean Diet