Why Fasting to Lose Weight Is a Bad Concept

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People who are desperate frequently turn to fasting to reduce weight. There comes a time in many people’s lives when they look in the mirror and they do not like what they see. Either their body has actually gotten a little flabby and out of shape, or they have actually gotten downright obese. We all see it coming, but we live in rejection up until the problem gets out of control. For some people it happens when they break through a particular weight on the scale, or when they have to go up a size in their clothing– but either method, you are not alone. Nearly one third of Americans are now obese.When you are overweight or overweight, your very first thought may be to “kick start” your diet by fasting to lose weight. When you are slimming down, it is constantly excellent to get a little favorable support, and when you see those numbers begin dropping off the scale quickly, you feel a little more encouraged. However, fasting to reduce weight is never ever a great idea, specifically for people who are exceedingly obese, and rather just, it does not work.When you start a fast, the very first weight that you will lose will be water weight, followed by the extreme waste that is in your bowels. From then on, the weight you will lose will typically be from your muscles and not your fat. And, since your heart is made of muscle, that is a hazardous thing. While you are dehydrated, malnourished, your heart is having a hard time to sustain a heavy body with less muscle cells and it is a dish for disaster.The other reality about fasting to lose weight is that as quickly as you break the fast, every bit of food that you eat after that will go directly back into fat. Your body enters into hunger mode when you are on a quickly, implying that it will hang on to anything it can get. Much like a squirrel who hasn’t seen nuts in a horrible very long time, it will take all it can and store it away for the future– just in case it is starved again.There are far more secure methods to lose weight rapidly, without putting your health at threat and fasting to lose weight is not one of them. The first thing you need to do, however, is to take a great take a look at your diet and see the number of calories you are taking in, and compare that against the average for your height and weight. You will probably find, like many people do, that you are consuming a lot more than you should. Also pay very close attention to the amount of fat that you are taking in.There are 2 keys to dropping weight on a long-lasting basis and they are viewing your nutritional intake, both in terms of quantity and quality, and learning how to live a more active life. You will discover that with just those 2 changes to your life, you will be able to shed the weight that you are bring and never be obese once again. Again, fasting to drop weight is not the answer!

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