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Generally it begins with some striking pattern in ladies’s fashion, entire outfits based upon a single theme, prior to advancing to a subtler impact on guys’s devices.

Is it any surprise, then, that the age of the polka dot tie has begun? Introduced by The Pipettes, polka dots were huge in ladies’s style not so long earlier and the influence is still being felt in the series of surprisingly suave ties that’s sweeping Britain.

We have actually constantly had a great relationship with the pattern, of course. From the lady in the itsby bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot swimwear to artists like Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, there’s something about the design that’s both purchased and a little risqué.

Obsessed with the concept of identical, factory-produced representations of order, Warhol used polka dots to mock the idea that ‘order’ is the be all and end all. It remains in the same spirit that polka dot ties are so effective. Presented alongside easy, official attire such as a gown t-shirt and coat, polka dots recommend someone who’s a bit ‘more’. Self-aware, capable and organised but not a slave to orderliness. While others may be panicking, trying to balance their jobs and their schedules, you see that it’s all part of the exact same pattern, and it’s a pattern you look great in.

A specific strength of the polka dot design is the versatility it offers. Colour plan and dot size can be manipulated to represent a whole series of designs. Present yourself as the supreme professional with little dots and dark colours, show you understand what you’re making with calm pastels, or flash a knowing smile with clashing colours and midsize dots. A simple style, polka dots penetrate deep into the audience’s perception, planting the method you desire to be seen by means of an attempted and tested visual design.

There are a lot of reasons the polka dot tie is so huge right nowHealth Fitness Articles< img src ="" alt ="Health Physical fitness Articles"border= "0"/ >, and like all terrific fashion trends it’s something that’s starting in England and spreading out external. Gladly there’s still time to get in on the pattern. Which poses the question: what kind of polka dot are you?