The Low Carbohydrate Fad and Other Dieting Errors

Low Carbohydrate Diet

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and Other Dieting Mistakes By: Costs Belfert Dear BMTers, Low carbohydrate this and low carb

that … that
‘s all you hear nowadays. Kinda advises me of something that was the fad a couple of years ago … The Low or No Fat Craze … Can you keep in mind where that got us? Still Fat !!! Well my pals this Low Carbohydrate Fad is going to bring us to the same
precise location … Yep … Still Fat! Listen, anybody who attempts Low carb dieting will experience some Short-term success …
but it’s only brief term. I understand some of you are tired of hearing me repeat myself however any diet or workout
device in and of itself will not work! An effective Fitness Program should include 5 Methods: 1. A Compelling Reason to Modification 2. Correct Nutrition 3. Progressive Resistance Training 4. Moderate Aerobic Exercise
5. Consistency If you’re missing out on any one

of these methods you will
not experience the success that you crave

. Why the Low Carbohydrate diet plans without

Progressive Resistance Training will not operate in the long term. We require to develop lean muscle on our bodies. Why do we require to construct lean

muscle on our bodies? Structure lean muscle will enhance metabolism which is what we desire to achieve.

You’ll even begin burning more calories even while you

rest. Today I’m going to let you in on one of the most significant secrets on burning fat ever exposed: Lean Muscle Burns Fat! And, the more lean muscle you have
, the more fat you will burn. That is a declaration that you can take to the bank! I guarantee it! Listen, all these people that go on these Crash diet are actually losing water and lean muscle weight. They

Are Not Losing Any Fat Whatsoever! How can they be if I simply got completed informing you that in order for us to lose any fat

, (and I did mean any fat!
)you must have lean muscle tissue for the fat to go be burned up in? Our bodies are smart; our fat just
can’t go away it should be burned up in a muscle cell. And
if you’re refraining from doing any Progressive Weight Resistance Training, well then, you’re not constructing any brand-new lean muscle tissue. Which means, you guessed it … you won’t be burning fat at any time quickly!!! Don’t you see

? Individuals that go on these Trend(hunger )diets become”slim fat”people. Sure they lose weight, however
they lose the wrong kind of weight. Since these people generally do not perform any weight resistance training and are only most likely taking diet plan tablets, and doing hours of aerobic exercise, they are losing water(from the low calorie, low carbohydrate diet plan)and lean muscle (from doing to much aerobic exercise and not having the correct amount and the appropriate ratios of food in their bodies). So what is left? FAT!!! They have no muscle tone whatsoever

! What these individuals need to be doing is learning how to raise weights and get stronger progressively! The only way to do that is … Get A Little Stronger Each And
Every Exercise If you’re not getting stronger each and every workout than you are doing something incorrect! Then all you have to do is include: An Engaging Factor to Change, Proper Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, and Consistency to be Effective A fantastic

example of dieting the incorrect method in my viewpoint is Anna Nicole Smith’s current”weight-loss”. From a distance she looks great! But get closer and clear the smoke and you will discover that she changed herself into what I described prior to a”skinny fat person”. Did

you hear her talked to lately on programs like Larry King Live and Regis and Kelly? She states she takes

Trim Day spa’s Ephedra Free Diet plan Pills.

And she eats like only once daily if she’s lucky. And I would bet my life, kids, partner, and your house that she never ever
does an exercise with weights on a constant basis!!! So let’s see what took place … Many people believe that

to lose excess body fat, they need to stop consuming altogether. This is where they are absolutely incorrect. Hunger …(what else would you call not eating?)triggers a metabolic action where

, your metabolism will really slow down and become more effective in order to protect body tissue

in the case of a lack of future nutrition. This is specifically what we do not desire. Another method individuals believe they’re” eating right “is having fruit & coffee for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a bowl of pasta for dinner.– Nope, that’s not the response

either. Some people do not consume anything the entire day and “save themselves”for a big huge supper! That’s not the answer either. To find the answer, you have to reflect to caveman days. At that time, there were no grocery stores or convenience shops to easily get whatever you want and whenever you want it. The caveman didn’t understand when his next meal was coming. He just ate when he made the big kill and would actually gorge and overstuff himself up until he could not move! Why? Due to the fact that he knew that he might not consume again for days or perhaps worse & … weeks. What this did was make our bodies really bad at processing our food.

Given that our bodies didn’t understand when we were going to eat next, they were required to revert into something known as … “Survival Mode “Whenever you eat, your digestion system transforms most of your food …(especially large amounts of carbs )to glucose (blood glucose ). It’s an extremely complex procedure however I’ll do my finest to sum it up in a nutshell … Anytime we eat while remained in” survival mode,”since of the molasses-pace the metabolism is at, the body converts the majority of the glucose … in combination with the hormonal agent insulin … to fat. This is why people who continuously starve themselves can gain weight while eating just when a day! We wish to accelerate our metabolism, however unfortunately over thousands and thousands of years our bodies haven’t altered much from the days of the cavern male. Every time we eat, our bodies are currently immediately going to transform it to

fat … even if it’s fat totally free
! Where’s the justice??? So how do we alter our body from fat storer to fat burner? We need to find out to use correct nutrition. So the question is … what is appropriate nutrition? OK … in a nutshell, my idea of correct nutrition is 4 to 5 portion-controlled,

well balanced meals about every 3 hours throughout the day. By consuming this method throughout the day, you’ll effortlessly accelerate your metabolism. Think of it this way. If you have a campfire
burning and you do not include wood to the fire, ultimately the campfire will burn out. However if you add a little wood every couple of hours, the campfire will continue to burn, and burn great and hot! So you see, the human metabolism resembles the fire … never ever or rarely feed it, and it will slow down

. Feed it every couple of hours and it has no choice however to speed up. What Is A Portion-Controlled Meal You Ask? A portion-controlled meal is practical portion

of a lean protein, a reasonable portion of a starchy carbohydrate, and a reasonable portion of a
fibrous carbohydrate. Lean protein foods:-Skinless chicken breast-Skinless turkey breast-Tuna fish-Many fish in basic-Egg whites-Protein powder Starchy carbohydrates:-Sweet potato- Potato-Rice-Pasta-Oatmeal-Entire grain wheat bread Fibrous Carbohydrates:-Corn-Broccoli-Cauliflower -Asparagus-

Peppers Here are a couple of examples of a portion-controlled meal: Chicken breast with corn & rice Lean steak with potato & broccoli Fish with rice

& salad Chicken pita sandwich Egg white omelet with mushrooms & oatmeal or farina A” typical”day of eating on Bare Minimum Training may be: 7:00 am: egg white omelet and oatmeal 10:00 am: yogurt with home cheese 1:00 pm: tuna

pita sandwich 4:00 pm: mushroom turkey burger on a whole grain bun 7:00

pm: Salmon with rice 8 8-ounce glasses of spring

water(throughout whole day )So you see if Anna Nicole Smith does not start to execute Correct Nutrition and a sound physical fitness program like Bare Minimum Training … She’s setting yourself up for Failure … sure she has
brief term success but ultimately she’ll acquire all the weight back!!!
I hope she does not get the weight back … but
she needs to change
her ways if there’s any hope
for long term success. Take care, Costs Belfert=
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