Raw Food: Cooked foods on a raw diet

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Does relocating to a raw foods diet indicate never consuming hot food again? No, it does not. Sometimes you want something hot. Hot food has actually always represented comfort for a lot of us. And on a cold, rainy day, carrot sticks or wheatgrass juice most likely won’t cut it for many of us.Most raw food, like our bodies, is very disposable. When raw foods are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees, they start to quickly break down, just as our bodies would if we had a fever that high. Among the constituents of foods which can break down are enzymes. Enzymes help us digest our food. Enzymes are proteins though, and they have an extremely specific 3-dimensional structure in area. Once they are heated up much above 118 degrees, this structure can change. As soon as enzymes are exposed to heat, they are no longer able to provide the function for which they were designed. Cooked foods contribute to chronic health problem, due to the fact that their enzyme material is damaged and hence needs us to make our own enzymes to process the food. The digestion of prepared food utilizes valuable metabolic enzymes in order to assist digest your food. Food digestion of prepared food demands much more energy than the food digestion of raw food. In general, raw food is so much more quickly digested that it goes through the digestive tract in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it considers cooked food. Eating enzyme-dead foods positions a concern on your pancreas and other organs and exhausts them, which eventually exhausts these organs. Lots of people slowly impair their pancreas and progressively lose the ability to digest their food after a life time of ingesting processed foods.But you certainly can steam and blanch foods if you desire your food at least warm. Use a food thermometer and cook them no higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to this temperature, you will not be doing too much damage to the enzymes in food.

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