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There are 2 numbers connected to your body that are vital:1. Your body temperature level need to be kept at 98.6 ° F or 37 ° C. This is why when it is hot outside, many times we will shiver or conversely when it’s cold, we sweat. This keeps your body temperature level within a narrow, safe range.What does a pH of 7.36mean?PH measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Is the balance in between favorably charged ions, which are acid forming and adversely charged ions, which are alkaline forming. The pH scale ranges from 0, being pure acid to 14, being pure alkaline. At a pH of 7 the service is neutral which suggests the water includes equal amounts of positive or acid forming ions and unfavorable or alkaline forming ions. If, for example, the pH is 6.2 it would indicate the solution is acidic and there are more positive ions( acidic forming ions )than negative ions. Our body pH sits at 7.36, which is a little alkaline. ACID and ALKALINE FOODS A healthy diet ought to consist of 75-80 %alkaline foods and 20-25%acidic foods. The pH scale is a logarithmic scale which means it normally takes

20 parts alkalinity to balance 1 part acid. There are different degrees of alkalinity and level of acidity so this number may fluctuate somewhat. However, utilizing a cup of coffee as an example, we would need 20 cups of i.e. alkaline water to reduce the effects of the acid produced by the coffee. The chart listed below details alkaline and acidic foods. Note: A foods acid or alkaline forming tendency in the body has nothing to do with the real pH of the food itself i.e. lemons are extremely acidic however are alkaline forming in the body. ALKALIZING FOODS ACIDIFYING FOODS VEGETABLES FRUITS GRAINS SPICES VEGGIES FRUITS GRAINS FATS & OILS Asparagus Apples Amaranth Cayenne Mushrooms Blueberries Biscuits Avocado Oil Alfalfa Sprouts Apricots Barley Chili Pepper Pickles Canned Fruits Bread Butter/ Margarine Barley Turf Avocados Buckwheat Cinnamon Potatoes Currants Breakfast cereals Canola Oil Beets Bananas Hemp Seed Flour Curry

Sugared Rhubarb

Cranberries Brown Rice Corn Oil Alfalfa

Sprouts Berries

Kamut & Ginger BEANS &

LEGUMES Dried Fruit Cakes

Flax Oil Barley Turf Blackberries Millet Miso Black Beans Glazed

Fruits Corn Hemp Seed Oil

Beets Cantaloupe

Quinoa Parsley Chick Peas Plums Cream of Wheat Lard Broccoli Cherries Spelt Sea Salt Green Peas Processed

Fruit Juices Corn flakes

Margarine Brussel

sprouts Currants Wild Rice Tamari Kidney Beans Prunes Doughnuts Olive Oil Cabbage Dates/Figs NUTS & SEEDS All Herbs Lentils EGGS/ DAIRY Noodles Peanut Butter

Carrots Grapes Pumpkin Seeds FATS & OILS Lima Beans Almond

Milk Oats Safflower Oil Cauliflower Grapefruit Almonds Coconut Oil Pinto Beans Cow’s Cheese


Pasta Sesame Oil Chard Honeydew Melon Chestnuts Borage Oil Red Beans Processed

Cheese Pies & pastry Sunflower Oil Chlorella Lemons Flax Seeds Fish Oil Soy

Beans Cottage Cheese Rice


Greens Limes Pumpkin Seeds Flax Seed Oil MEATS Ice Cream Rye Aspartame Cucumbers Mangos Sesame

Seeds Olive Oil

Beef Cow’s

Milk Wheat

Brown Sugar Eggplants

Nectarines Sprouted Seeds Cod Live Oil Carp Rice Milk White Flour

Corn Syrup Garlic Oranges EGGS/ DAIRY Evening Primrose Chicken Yogurt White Rice Equal Kale

Papaya Soy



Kohlrabi Peach

Eggs Alkaline Water Fish Beer BrazilNuts & NutraSweet Lettuce Pears Soy

Milk Herbal Tea Lamb Black Tea Cashews Processed Honey Onions Pineapple Goat

Milk Fresh Fruit Juice Lobster Coffee Hazel Nuts Sweet NLow Parsnips Tangerines Goat Cheese Ginger Tea

Mussels Soft

Drinks Peanuts White Sugar Peas Tomatoes Whey Ginseng

Tea Oyster Spirits Pecans OTHER Peppers Watermelon BEANS/ LEGUMES Green Drinks Pork Wine Pistachios Distilled Vinegar

Pumpkin ASIAN VEGETABLES Tempeh Green Tea Rabbit Sunflower Seeds

Wheat Germ

Rutabaga Daikon Tofu Veggies Juices Salmon Tahini Sea Veggies Dandelion Root SWEETENERS

OTHER Shrimp Walnuts Spirulina

Maitake Maple

Syrup Apple Cider Vinegar Scallops

Sprouts Kombu Raw Honey Bee Pollen Tuna Squashes Nori Stevia Turkey Wheat Grass Reishi Venison Wild Greens Shitake Umeboshi Wakame If we

consume an imbalanced diet plan that is high in acidic foods like caffeine

, animal protein and sugar it interrupts our pH. This forces our body to use its alkaline reserves or buffers such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium

in order to reduce the effects of the acid and remove from it from the body. As our alkaline reserves are

diminished in

order to reduce the effects of excess acid, they leave

the body in a jeopardized condition

. You might not

be obese but”over-acid”

. If there

is too much acid in your system your body will keep the weight in order to safeguard it. Have

you ever noticed that some individuals tend to shrink when they get older? This is completely avoidable. When you live

an acid way of life

and have depleted

your alkaline reserves, the

body moves

the acid

from the blood stream into the

fat shops

of the body. This is a survival mechanism the body takes

to get the acid away from the crucial

organs. Nevertheless, your body needs calcium

and if you have actually diminished your alkaline reserves from the blood to neutralize the acid, it

will leech calcium from your bones. If it does this continually your bones

will get

weaker and weaker

and you will lose mass.

Individuals shrink since they have too much acid in their system.Over-acidity is really typical in today’s worldsince of

our way of life and diet plan. More

and more physicians

and nutritionalists think the diseases rampant in our society

are an outcome of an acid-alkaline imbalance. An acidic body can lead to:-Cardiovascular damage-Weight gain/ obesity-Diabetes-Early aging- Osteoporosis-Weak bones and hip fractures-Kidney

stones- Joint pains

/ sore muscles

-Candida albicans-Low energy”A current seven-year

study conducted

at the


of California, San Francisco, on 9,000 females showed that those who have chronic acidosis are at

greater danger for bone loss

than those

who have typical pH levels. The

researchers who carried out



think that a lot of the hip fractures widespread

among middle-aged females are connected to high

level of acidity triggered by a diet plan

abundant in animal foods and low in veggies. This is due to the fact that the body borrows calcium from the bones in order to stabilize pH”.-American Journal of Scientific Nutrition WHY AM I ACIDIC?Diet is probably the biggest factor. A lot of us drink and eat high acid producing foods such as animal items and sodas and do not drink and eat sufficient alkaline producing foods such as fresh veggies. On top of that, we eat numerous processed foods like sugar, refined carbs and prepared oils and beverage acid producing drinks such as

coffee, alcohol and sodas. Sweetening agents, such as NutraSweet, Equal and Aspartame are an active ingredient in

numerous items and are extremely acidic. Signs of Excess Acid:-Arthritis-Headaches -Indigestion -Low Energy-Blockage -Hives- Brittle nails-Regular Colds, Influenza, Infections-dry skin, dandruff -Stressed and Irritable- Muscle pains/ pains-Leg Cramps HOW TO RETURN IN BALANCE USING A WATER IONIZER Restoring an acid alkaline balance begins with proper diet plan and nutrition. Only when the pH is balanced is your body able to effectively absorb vitamins and minerals. Our body is slightly alkaline and is made up of 70 %water, so our diet needs to reflect this. Alkalize and Energize!Cleanse. Balance your pH by extremely-hydrating your system, drinking 3-4 liters of alkaline drinks a day. This might include green drinks and ionized, alkaline water. Water is a critical aspect in developing and preserving a healthy acid alkaline balance. Typically a person ought to drink 1/2 their weight in ounces of water each day. For instance, an individual weighing 150 pounds must drink 75 oz each day, which is the equivalent to about, 9-10 glasses of water per day(presuming an 8 oz glass). The quality of the water you drink is as essential

as the quantity of water you drink.Ideally the water you drink ought to be

alkaline water with a pH of 9-10. Alkaline water is LIVING WATER and is more easily soaked up into

your body tissues. As such, alkaline water will assist neutralize acids and remove any contaminants from the body. A water ionizer converts faucet water into strong alkaline water with a high pH. A water ionizer is a little device that sits on your cooking area counter or can be mounted under the sink. A special accessory reroutes faucet water from the faucet to the water ionizer through a plastic tube. When in the water ionizer, the water is filtered through triggered charcoal, getting rid of common pollutants found in community water. From there it enters into a chamber geared up with platinum layered titanium electrodes, where electrolysis takes place. During this procedure the water ionizer splits the

water into 2 flows, alkaline water and acidic water, both providing unbelievable advantages. The alkaline water comes out of the faucet in the sink -prepared to consume!.?.!! A different pipe coming from the water ionizer releases acidic(oxidized )water. This acidic water is outstanding for decontaminating, washing hands, dealing with small wounds and burns and insect bits. It destroys over 99 %of bacteria, consisting of E-Coli. Alkaline water has antiaging homes and can help the body withstand and combat disease. Improve your health utilizing a water ionizer and drinking more water.DISCLAIMER: The details in this article


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