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Utilize the power of the internet to permit global access control, even if web gain access to is intermittent. Use the functions to help with dual recognition approaches or, deliver details to the user.POE NETWORK KEYPAD IN RUGGED ENCLOSURE FOR ACCESS CONTROL. The Electrone 723 SMO is

you perfect answer for gain access to control. Use the POE to make a single connection to supply both power and signal, while maintaining all control through your host application. The Electrone 723 SMO can likewise be setup to control an electronic lock.

The host application will get information and after that send out the action back to the unit. If the lock is linked to the system it can send out an open signal. The Electrone 723 SMO has a beneficial ‘off-line ‘mode so if the network connection is lost

approximately 10 unique gain access to codes are offered for emergency situation access. The unit will log up to 500 usages off line and this log is readily available to the host application to later on take a look at. The Electrone 723 SMO the 16 secrets and 4 x 20 character screen make the unit a practical minutes terminal.

The character screen is back lit for usage in bad light and allows the user to navigate a series of menu choices managed by the host application. The Electrone 723 SMO installation is simple, just bring the lines to the installing position.The Electrone 723 SMO The system is an identifying power unit

that will communicate instantly with the POE switch to establish power class. Alternatively, the unit can be power via a local power supply. The system can be used with either or both possible source of power. Using POE power alone up to 500mA is offered. If power is likewise provided by means of the auxiliary power in port, then as much as 1,500 mA can be available. If the switch is not POE then the auxiliary port can be used alone to power the system and subsidiary gadgetsComputer Technology Articles. The Electrone 723 SMO can be provided with completely cabled and checked suitable secondary devices such as card readers and invoice printers.


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